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WhatsApp: why do people add a ": 3" to their messages?

WhatsApp: why do people add a “: 3” to their messages?

The use of emojis or expressions to reply to messages in WhatsApp It is a custom that many users have since those days when chatting through MSN Messenger. Although, with the passage of time, other symbols have been added such as the “: 3”.

Despite the great popularity of these symbols in the digital slang of users, many people, especially adults, who do not know what mean Such expressions would cause a big problem, because things can be misinterpreted as when a considerable group of Internet users found out that “XD” did not refer to the phrase “by God”.

It is said that the symbol “: 3”Is one of the most used by people who love children cats and they do not hesitate to express it in social media or any other instant messaging platform adding it to your messages.

However, many individuals are unaware that this expression contains more than one connotation. that is adapted to the situation in which we are. If someone in your environment usually uses it to reply to messages in WhatsApp, we tell you what its origin is and the meanings it has.

Where did the popular “: 3” come from and what are its meanings?

There are three theories about the origin of this popular emoticon, but many confuse its meaning. Find out here what their origins are and what they try to express in the chats of WhatsApp:

Japanese origin

The first indicates that he was born in Japan and it would be an extrapolation of the anime / manga to refer to something beautiful: the popular ‘kawaii‘, which is used by many young lovers of these Japanese comics. In this case, the “: 3”Is used to say that something you like or is very beautiful.

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Facial expression

Another theory mentions that the “: 3”Represents a person biting the lower lip, where the two points refer to the central incisor teeth and the 3 to the lip. Its use expresses a desire of libidinal origin.

Cat face

Finally, we refer to the cats. The kittens have represented countless memes and emojis that refer to tenderness and “: 3“Is not far from it. Many point out that this symbol matches the beautiful cat facial expression.

How to hide the ‘online’?

Believe it or not, there is a secret trick of WhatsApp, which few users know, which allows you to hide the ‘online’ and the ‘writing’ to your friends who have you as a contact in the instant messaging application.

If you want to know this fantastic secret trick of WhatsApp, which will allow you to be ‘invisible’, then do not hesitate to review the following video, which soon became a trend on social networks, especially on YouTube.

WhatsApp: so you can change the font to 120 different fonts

WhatsApp It is still the most popular of all the applications to communicate, but even so, there are still many users who are unaware of most of their secret methods. A great example is this trick that allows you to change the font in chats. How to do it? Here we describe it to you.

Although there are several applications in Google play that will help you get a variety of sources to be able to surprise your friends when you send them a text message. Here we present one in particular: Stylish text, which is completely safe, easy to use and also, does not require your personal data to function.

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How to convert WhatsApp audios into text messages

Thousands of users have been surprised to learn that there is a secret method that allows us to convert the audios sent to us into text messages. WhatsApp. This great trick can be of great help to us when we are in class or in a work meeting and we cannot reproduce the voice notes that come to us.

For those users who want to know the content of voice messages without having to listen to them. We explain the incredible trick that you must apply to transcribe to text what they have sent us to WhatsApp simply and for free.

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How to delete WhatsApp call log

To delete the complete history of calls made in WhatsApp, enter the section of Calls and click on the three-dot icon to access the menu. There you can choose the option ‘Delete call log’.

But if what you are looking for is to delete only certain calls, WhatsApp offers us the possibility to specifically choose which ones to delete. To do this, enter the section of Calls and keep your finger pressed on each one of them to be able to select them, then click on the trash can icon and that’s it.

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