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WhatsApp will NOT work on these phones from November 1

WhatsApp will NOT work on these phones from November 1

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If your mobile phone is very old, you could run the risk of running out of the WhatsApp, given that from next November 1 it will stop working on certain smartphone models with outdated versions of iOS and Android, announced the company on its web portal.

What cell phones will no longer have WhatsApp?

The most used messaging application in the world reported that those smartphones in which it will no longer provide service are the Android 4.0.4 or earlier and iOS 10 or lower, so the company recommends “switch to a compatible device or save your chat history before then”.

WhatsApp He explained that the service will continue to be provided to all those who have Android 4.1 or more current versions, as long as the user’s smartphone can “receive SMS or calls during the number verification process.”

Why will WhatsApp stop working?

According to Facebook -which owns WhatsApp-, this measure is taken for reasons of “user safety” and “compatibility with new technologies” that guarantee a better functioning of the tool, which in the world has more than 2 billion monthly users.

In case you have doubts, it is not that WhatsApp stop working on a particular brand of phones, this is the operating system which will determine if you can continue to have the app or not. In the case of iPhone, it will be iPhone 4S those who will no longer be able to use the software, as it will be necessary to have at least iOS 10.

To put into context how obsolete these versions are, Android 4.1 (the oldest that will continue to have WhatsApp) was launched in June 2012, while iOS 10 did so in September 2016.

WhatsApp in facts and figures

  • 2 billion people using the service monthly.
  • 100 billion text messages a day on average
  • 1 billion voice or video calls a day on average.