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WhatsApp will soon stop working on these iPhones

This is especially bad for iPhone 4s and older phones.

The popular WhatsApp messaging application has recently released a new version of its iPhone application with new features and security improvements, yet this also negatively affects some users.

Those devices that do not meet certain requirements will not be able to update it and the platform will stop working.

In order to install the new 2.21.50 update of the application, it is a requirement that Apple devices have the operating system iOS 10 and later, as reported by the company on its support page.
This is especially bad for iPhone 4s and older phones since their terminals only allow iOS 9.3.6 at most.

While in the case of the iPhone 5 and later it is possible to update its operating system so that it continues to be compatible with the messaging application.

For now, people who already have WhatsApp installed on mobile phones with iOS 9 will be able to continue using the application, but it will probably lose functionality over time until it is unusable.

For users who are still using WhatsApp on an unsupported device, experts recommend exporting all of your chat history before the app completely stops working. The recommendation is to always use its latest version.

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