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When does Squeak come out on Brawl Stars?

When does Squeak come out on Brawl Stars?

When does Squeak come out on Brawl Stars?

In the latest Brawl Talk, Supercell unveiled two new Brawlers coming to Brawl Stars in the sixth season: Belle and Squeak.

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Belle is a Shiny Brawler, which means she will be available in the sixth season of the Brawl Pass, which is expected to start on April 12. Squeak, on the other hand, will be released a little later in the season.

Who is Squeak?

Squeak is an alien who is part of Colonel Ringhio’s Star Force. It evolved from the drool of Snarl’s dog toys. Its main attack is a toy that can be thrown at a short distance. These toys stick to enemies and walls due to the growl drool and explode.

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His super is a frag grenade. It can be thrown over walls and explodes after a short time dealing damage to all enemies in a large radius around it.

When will Squeak be released on Brawl Stars?

Squeak will be released in May 2021 and will arrive in the mythical rarity. This was confirmed by Dani, the community manager of Brawl Stars during the last of Brawl Talk.

Until then, players will be able to enjoy the game’s sixth season which will bring loads of skins, Belle and more.

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