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When Google took streaming seriously with its new Chromecast


Android TV home screen

Mixed with Google’s future plans September 30th Hardware Announcement, You will find mention of the new Chromecast embraced along with what you expect Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, And a new smart speaker. Report suggests We are considering an Android TV-Chromecast-hybrid device that is bundled with a highly requested TV remote control.

Google is looking at key players such as the Roku and Fire TV, as it ensures that Android TV and voice assistant features have been taken over. However, it will take longer to stand out from the crowd. It’s time for Google to seriously consider home streaming.

Blend of Chromecast and Android TV

Google Android TV Streamer 3

Chromecast is loved by most people. Android TV? Not so much.

The upcoming Google Streaming Device is a combination of the two, and the direction of the company’s streaming efforts is changing. And it wouldn’t be surprising if Google TV replaced the Android TV moniker and showed a new approach to how Google envisioned a core media streaming platform.

Despite its remarkable strengths, Android TV still feels dangerously close to becoming another one of the big Gs. Forgotten project.. The company doesn’t have its own flagship product, so it leaves most of it to OEMs. As a result, the platform lacks the focus and investment needed to become an industry leader. If Google TV or the platform is called and it conflicts with Roku or Amazon, you need to change the situation.

Google leaves most of its Android TV to OEMs. It may change.

YearIs arguably the largest player in the field of streaming platforms, offering a wide range of streaming services and apps. The UI may not be as sophisticated, but it has a reputation for being “just works” that attracts consumers. Google supports all major streaming services, but Roku is ahead when it comes to pure content volume and support for smaller services.

Google has the ability to create great products, but the lack of effort to build a great ecosystem Permanent disappointment.. Check for ongoing issues with optimizing Android apps for Chromebooks, or the current state of your wearable. Regular updates, new content partners, and an improved app experience are needed to push Google’s streaming efforts to the top of the industry. I’m not confident that combining Android TV and Chromecast will improve the situation, but there is one example that Google can follow for some success.

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Inspiring NVIDIA

2019 Nvidia Shield TV remote control and app

Google hasn’t sailed into an unknown territory here. There are already gold standard streaming devices on the market — — of Nvidia Shield TV..

Nvidia’s beloved Android TV box does everything right. It has a great library of streaming services, supports advanced media codecs, has built-in Chromecast support, can play numerous Android games, can host Plex servers with hardware transcoding, and is a console standard from Nvidia. You can also stream the game. Powered PC or GeForce Now Cloud gaming platform.

The original Nvidia Shield TV is another great example of long-term device support that Google aims to emulate. Nvidia, five years ago, published its 25th update to streaming devices in August 2020. Added AI-enhanced 4K upscaling, frame rate matching, and the latest security patches.

The more cost-effective Nvidia Shield is a powerful option for Roku. But that’s just the beginning.

To be sure, many of Nvidia’s features are pretty niche and cover more than the needs of a typical home streamer. As a result, all these additional features and raw power will be more expensive and you won’t be able to compete with the Roku or Fire Stick. However, Google does provide a good middle ground and can introduce the first truly mainstream Android TV boxes from top brands.

Create Android TV streaming for the masses

All Streaming Services Stock Photo 1

Content streaming is a big company, but so far Google is just a small player. Chromecast is great, but its high price limits access to the more powerful Android TV platforms. The aforementioned Nvidia Shield TV starts at $ 149.99, and Android TV tends to occupy the mid-tier to premium tier of the market. on the other hand, 4K Roku Premier It’s only $ 39.99.

Google has no direct rivals other than Cast, but this could depend on the next Google streaming device that is set to break through this barrier with a significant margin.

But price isn’t the only successful streaming platform. Roku and Amazon have built a loyal audience through best-in-class features, ease of use, and an ever-evolving content partnership. The same caution and caution is required for Google’s platform. That way, Big G can take advantage of its unique services.

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As I mentioned before, Google service bundle Stadia, YouTube Premium, and Play Pass and Google One Storage provide an attractive and comprehensive bundle. It’s compatible with the new Apple One and other streaming packages. Combining this with a rebranded and rebuilt approach to streaming hardware can be an immediate hit.

Even if the all-in-one package isn’t available, you can expect Google to use this next streaming device to hard push your service. However, you do not want to use future Google Streaming devices for hawking various subscription services.

The Android TV platform has remained on the edge of Google’s ecosystem for many years. Now it needs to be at its core. It’s possible, but it’s time to take it seriously, Google.

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