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Wholesale bans in schools.  Mobile phones, smoking, rate increases and private lessons.

Wholesale bans in schools. Mobile phones, smoking, rate increases and private lessons.

The Ministry of Education decided to ban the use of mobile phones for students and teachers during the school day, and to hold violators of these instructions accountable, with a complete ban on smoking in schools, departments and addresses.

It also decided to prohibit the teaching or promotion of curricula not approved by the Ministry of Education, to prohibit the collection of sums of money under any name and to refer offenders to an investigation.
This emerged in the periodic book issued by the Ministry of Education to define the educational system of the current school year, and highlighted the removal of street vendors and the removal of garbage that may exist in its vicinity, and close to educational facilities.

The Ministry called for the need to activate the role of the school reinforcement groups in the different stages of education, providing the necessary means for their success, emphasizing the enrollment of students in the lists of school reinforcement groups, and monitoring the commitment to implement the provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 53 of 2016, which regulates the work of the school reinforcement groups; Ensure that students continue in the educational process.

He highlighted the need to combat the phenomenon of private tuition to reduce the burden on parents and to follow up on the commitment of private schools and schools that apply special (international) curricula to legal tuition rates, prescribed densities. , saluting the flag, wearing school uniforms, teaching national subjects and activating continuous monitoring and follow-up. Private schools must follow up on their commitment to ministerial decisions that regulate the increase in tuition fees and take legal action against those found to be in breach of it.