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Of: Jan Oeftger

WhatsApp has a new privacy feature. However, this is not activated automatically. In order to use the new feature, you must first activate it.

Kassel: Initially, only beta testers, that is, people testing new software, could use the new feature. meanwhile has WhatsApp However, the new data protection feature has been released for all users. Users who have already hidden their “last seen” status should be particularly happy about this. Now you can also hide if you are currently online. However, you have to manually configure this in the settings.

If the feature is not activated, all users can see if you are currently online on WhatsApp. But thanks to the new feature, you can now turn off this screen. This allows you to chat undisturbed and unobserved. It also offers privacy benefits.

There are always new features in WhatsApp. You can now hide your online status. © Rüdiger Wölk/imago

WhatsApp: you should know about this new data protection function

Thanks to the new feature, you can no longer see strangers who have your number without you knowing. Also, spy apps are excluded. If it is no longer clear when you are online, an activity profile can no longer be created for you. So it’s worth everyone to turn on the new feature.

If you want your friends and contacts to be able to see if they’re currently online, you don’t have to activate the new feature. Then you can also see the online status of your friends. The online status is linked to the “last connected” display. Only if you have disabled the “Last Seen” screen you can also set it so that no one sees it when you are online.

WhatsApp: how to activate the new privacy function

  • Open WhatsApp on the smartphone
  • Click the three dots at the top (Android) or bottom (Apple) on the right
  • Click on the “Settings” field
  • Click on the “Privacy” field (lock icon)
  • Go to Last Seen/Online
  • If “No one” is set at the top of “Who can see my ‘Last Seen’ timestamp?”, simply check the “Same as ‘Last Seen'” checkbox at the bottom of “Who can see my ‘Last Seen’ timestamp?” Can you see if I’m online?


In addition to this feature WhatsApp allows more changes. There is also a way to lighten the mood through WhatsApp Weekend greetings to the familythat you can send in the chat.