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Why not take your phone to bed (and a little tip for tonight)?


Mobile phones are a powerhouse of entertainment, but if you don’t separate yourself from your device even when you go to bed, it can create certain problems.

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Fall asleep slowly next to the phone

A recent study showed that 90% of Americans use an electronic device (TV, phone, computer, video game consoles, etc.) before going to bed. It turned out that the dream came later to all respondents under the age of 30 (mostly using phones).

The problem is, if you use the phone before bed, your body and brain don’t have enough time to relax. Also, if you fall into YouTube’s black hole or play video games, you can easily lose track of time and fall asleep later than you should.

It is better to keep your phone in another room, not the one you sleep in. That way, even if you feel the need to use it, it will be more difficult to get up and start it.

Causes a disturbed sleep cycle

If you do not use the phone before going to bed, you will reduce your exposure to “blue light”, which can seriously disrupt your sleep patterns. Blue light, in essence, gives your brain a false signal that it’s still daytime outside, reducing melatonin secretion.

As in the previous case, it is best to stop using the phone an hour before going to bed.

A little tip for tonight

If you want to improve your sleep, here is a simple trick: leave your mobile phone in another room. If you need it because it wakes you up in the morning with an alarm, keep it at least one meter from where you sleep.

This way you could kill two flies in one hit. Firstly, your phone will be far away, making it less likely to be used, and secondly, in the event of an alarm, you will have to get up, so waking up will be more efficient.

If you manage to hold out like this for the first few days and it becomes a habit, you will probably realize all the charms of firmer, better quality sleep.

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