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Why use the airplane mode of your mobile, even if you don’t go by plane


We explain all the advantages of activating the airplane mode on your mobile, some of which, surely, you did not know.

Our android mobile It has a large number of functions, some of which we don’t take full advantage of what they offer us. One of these features is airplane mode, a tool that allows you to turn off all phone network connections when traveling by plane, but that can also be really useful when you’re not on a plane.

For this reason, we are going to explain why you should use the airplane mode of your mobile, even if you don’t go by plane.

Discover all the advantages of activating airplane mode on your mobile when you’re not on a plane

These are all the advantages of using airplane mode on your mobile when you are not traveling

Airplane mode is a function of your smartphone that you only use when you travel by plane, but, surely, you do not know all the advantages of using this functionality when you are on dry land.

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The five main advantages of using airplane mode on your mobile when you are not traveling are the following:

  • save battery
  • Fix mobile data issues
  • Play games without ads
  • Charge your mobile faster
  • Access WhatsApp anonymously

save battery

One of the main benefits of turning on airplane mode when you’re not traveling is that you’ll be able to save battery on mobile when you are not going to use it, since By deactivating all the mobile connections, the energy consumption will be much lower. This is something really practical when you have a low battery, since you can disconnect all the antennas of the mobile and temporarily reactivate them to check if you have any important calls or messages that you need to respond to.

Fix mobile data issues

On certain occasions, mobile data can stop working, something that is really annoying, but that we are going to be able to fix with a series of simple solutions, among which is turn on airplane mode.

Thus, if your mobile has a coverage problem that causes you to not have access to the internet if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network and you activate and deactivate airplane mode, all connections will be restarted and mobile data will work correctly again, at less in most cases.

Fast charging on a OnePlus mobile

Activating airplane mode allows you to charge the mobile faster

Play games without ads

Another advantage of activating airplane mode when you are not on a plane is that it will allow you to play certain games without ads, since many of them they only use the connection to the network to activate the advertising and if you disable network access by turning on airplane mode, you will be able to play these titles much more comfortably, since no type of ad will appear.

Charge your mobile faster

Activating airplane mode on your mobile when you are not on a flight will also allow you to reduce loading times, since when disconnecting elements that consume energy, the charge will be completed before. This is very useful when you are away from home and your battery is low, because by charging the terminal with airplane mode activated you can cut charging times by almost half, even if your smartphone does not have fast charging.

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Access WhatsApp anonymously

Finally, the last advantage of using airplane mode when you are not on a plane is that you will be able to access WhatsApp anonymously. This means that you can read the messages that you have pending in the messaging application without anyone knowing that you have done it, because this information will not be sent to the server until you disable airplane mode.

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