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Sometimes turning off the phone is the most effective solution.

Source: SmartLife / Marko Cavic

You know of that situation where something goes wrong on your computer, so someone you trust knows how to help you and advises you to restart it?

Such a banal recommendation can also be useful for Android phones.

Errors happen even on the best phones, because Android is like this: Over time, it can really slow down on its own and for no particular reason.

In situations where the problem is not obvious, the correct solution is to close the applications and restart the phone. It doesn’t mean a hardware reset and data deletion, but a simple reboot of the system, shutting it down and then backing it up.

The most common sign that the phone is somehow overloaded is a delay in responding to commands, he writes. Android Central. For example, press the mute button and respond after a few seconds. Also, the screen may crash or applications may load slowly. In those situations, it doesn’t have to mean that the problem is hardware or something big, just Android has gone bad, so to speak, and a reboot will solve the problem in most cases.

Simply put, more and more applications want to run non-stop in the background and that can be a problem. Some apps don’t work better on all versions of the phone, and some even work better on certain brands of phones, and all of this together can cause occasional problems, which are easily solved by restarting the phone.

Some applications simply use memory resources as long as they exist and this mainly refers to running RAM. They produce the so-called memory leak problem, which is solved by restarting the phone daily and practically taking memory from said applications. The correct solution to this problem is to fix the application. have the developer update it, but until then restarting the phone once a day is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

When the phone restarts everything that works in the background, it is forced to start from the beginning, and that includes not only system processes, but also applications allowed to work non-stop in the background. It is not about a special application or phone brand, but about the situation, which is a real Android problem.

Reset updates and relocates, ie. moves the VRAM memory used by the GPU, ie. graphics unit of the chipset, and there is a restart of communication services, in addition to relieving the phone’s hardware resources.

For all this, a few minutes a day to reset will be a good therapy for a better performance of many Android phones.

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