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Wickert: Enhanced fascination in composite presses for ballistic plate creation, Wickert Maschinenbau GmbH, press launch


Wickert Maschinenbau has witnessed markedly elevated curiosity in composite presses for ballistic plate manufacturing due to the fact 2021. They are applied as armor to shield civil and armed forces cars, ships and plane from fireplace.

Above all, finish programs consisting of a compound push, automated loading and unloading, and efficient temperature command are in desire. In late 2021, Wickert set a total procedure into procedure at a provider to the Australian Ministry of Defence.

A WKP 52000 kind compound push was supplied, which was modified for the necessities of ballistic plate production. The 150 t push in body design less than the piston with a absolutely hydraulic clamping method features a pressing force of 52,000 kN and heating plates of 1,600 x 2,500 mm.

Ballistic panels of up to 60 levels of fiber composite

In the output of ballistic plates, blanks created of up to 60 layers of fibers are processed, which are impregnated with a distinctive plastic. Higher-general performance products these kinds of as aramid and significant-functionality polyethylene are utilised. Jointly with glass, ceramic, and metal fibers designed from aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, aluminum, and armored metal, they are heated in composite presses and pressed into fiber composite panels.

Homogeneous temperature handle

Composite presses for the creation of ballistic plates need to satisfy numerous demands. To begin with, raw and semi-finished solutions are heated and cooled extremely evenly in the press, with a temperature deviation of only ±3ºC across the whole platen.

The temperature command procedure heats them initial to 40ºC and then to 160ºC. The plastic melts in the method the push brings the blank to the ideal condition. It then cools back again down to 40°C in the resource and to room temperature after removing.

Even the force

In addition, pressure cylinders manufactured of higher-power metal (six on the WKP 52000) generate superior electricity density and homogeneous pressure across the full area. For the project in Australia, a fantastic pressure configuration with only 960 kN was furnished as an supplemental machines variant. Usually the minimal push power is 10 % of the maximum output, with the WKP 52000 in any other case 5200kN.

significant airplane parallelism

Thirdly, the presses are characterized by a quite precise closing motion. The substantial parallelism in the technique aircraft with a highest tolerance of .025 mm/m contributes to this.

For high quality assurance and creation manage, the sensors also record all approach information from the process. This facts is stored to correctly document the producing method.

The compound presses are created at the firm’s headquarters in Landau.

Wickert develops and manufactures all hydraulic compound presses according to purchaser-certain necessities at the business headquarters in Landau. Processing temperatures of up to 500 °C as effectively as freely selectable urgent forces of up to 100,000 kN are feasible. The dimensions of the presses and their precision heating plates can be freely chosen. For the requirements of the Marketplace 4. era, automation and networking are just as essential as the integration of other manufacturing procedures, this sort of as RIM and RTM injection.

To down load the press release as a Phrase document and 4 jpg photos in print resolution as a zip file folder (3.1 MB): 7-2022___. Postal Code Alternatively, you can go to the website and down load the photographs and the zip file from there.

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