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Will it soon be separated from the batteries?  OPPO has a solution

Will it soon be separated from the batteries? OPPO has a solution

Will we soon see a smartphone without a battery? Batteries are the heart of smartphones and it seems that at least one company is considering a future that does not include them precisely. Oppo Company published an article Introducing a battery-free systemzero energy communication(Zero Power Communication) for small and low power IoT devices. In the article, the company relies on a solution powered by ambient radio waves (RF), so the electronics don’t have to rely on built-in power sources to function. “In the near future, IoT devices will be able to harvest energy directly from signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smartphones, and thus provide great features in a smaller size, with greater durability and low cost.”, Oppo explained.

Examples of the use of “zero power communication” technology. Image Source: OPPO

The company believes that the system will reduce battery usage and therefore also reduce maintenance costs and impact on the environment. Devices that receive power through the air are not new. Samsung recently launched a smart TV that includes a remote control that saves energy via wireless Internet standard 2.4. Motorola and Shiomi have previously demonstrated similar charging solutions. Interestingly, Oppo suggests that the technology will also make it possible to claim passive wearable products. The solution will be able to solve the complex battery life of modern smart watches that are usually limited to one day of use.

Oppo also sees the technology as an added benefit, such as a communication system that will function as low-power communication beacons, in transportation or in a smart home. The company outlines additional potential use cases for the technology, including location tags that won’t require battery replacement or improved long-range tracking technology for species like migratory birds. Oppo has reportedly tested the feasibility of the technology and may start rolling out the protocol for future use. But for now, it remains to be seen in the future, physical batteries will continue to be the backbone of our digital world.

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