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Winamp is back with a new look The beta test registration is now open.


Winamp is back Legend of the popular music program of the 2000s or the MP3 era, but this return with many new features. Either on the same website but with a new logo. There is a subscription for beta testing. Previously, there were no streaming services to play music or videos. All computer users copy music albums from disks, flash drives or downloaded MP3 files to listen to music using a music video player application, which Winamp had most of the users of its time.

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At the time, Winamp was the most popular mp3 music player with retro skins. However, the latest version 5,666 of the Winamp application was released in 2013 and now the developers are bringing it back to Winamp with a redesigned website. After many years, in 2018 Winamp 5.8 was released online, after that developer Radionomy posted a leaked version on according to the latest reportWinamp website New design with new logo for multimedia player.

Winamp is back, registration open for the trial version

Winamp is back
Image: Winamp

Vosveteit Be the first to report the return of the Winamp media player. Anyone can visit New styleandSign up for beta testingwhich will be available soon

How to request the Winamp Beta test?

Winamp is back
Image: Winamp

You can sign up for the beta program to test the app before it launches. you go to the web and then click Become a beta tester.

Winamp’s new website claims that artists and creators Anyone can post a song. Control content, earn money and connect with fans. through the service is expected Winamp to offer as its own streaming service There are also vacancies in the company’s plans to generate income through advertising and sales. It may be available worldwide or at least in the US, Canada, and Europe.

However, it is not known when the official beta version for the test will be available, so anyone who knows Winamp and wants to join the test can register. Stay tuned to see if the new Winamp leads the way in music and video player apps.

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Winamp reference and cover

Winamp is back with a new look. The beta test registration is now open.

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