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Windows 10 is adding a task manager dedicated to games

Windows 10 is adding a task manager dedicated to games

Windows 10 adds a Task Manager widget within the Xbox game bar that allows you to manage your computer’s resources without leaving the game. WindowsCentralWith the new Resources widget, you can monitor the programs that are putting the most strain on your computer, assess why in-game performance is slowing down, and quickly close programs without removing tabs. You can also check the load on the CPU, RAM, DISK, and GPU as you would with a traditional task manager application. This is a great time saver, which means you don’t have to press Alt-Tab or press CTRL + ALT + DELETE frequently to figure out problems in the game.

A running Windows 10 task manager bar.

To access this feature now, sign up for the Game Bar-SDK Development App in the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows 10. XboxInsiderHub allows Windows and Xbox users to preview new features prior to their official release.

If you select a preview that may be less stable on the Xbox game bar, after updating, press Windows key + G to start, then click the “Widgets” hamburger symbol in the top bar to launch the new Task Manager app You can find it. overlay. It is not yet clear when this feature will be available to all users.

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