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Windows 10: Microsoft fixes game performance issues

Windows 10: Microsoft fixes game performance issues

After Microsoft recently released a cumulative update for Windows 10, many gamers have complained about performance issues in games. Now, the Redmond-based company has commented on the issue and announced that they will offer a bug fix soon.

Cumulative updates caused gameplay issues

The most recently released cumulative updates KB50000842 and KB5001330 have caused some games to only run at a reduced frame rate. Also, blue screens (BSOD) are said to have appeared in some cases. Nvidia had already responded to the problem and advised Windows 10 users to uninstall the two patches again. Now Microsoft has also made a statement.

Problems occur in full screen mode

How MSPoweruser writes, the Redmond-based company is aware that a “small number of users” have complained of performance issues in games after the cumulative update KB50000482. Most of the users affected by the bug run their games in full screen mode and use two or more monitors.

Microsoft resolves the issue through the “Known Issue Rollback” (KIR) feature in Windows 10. This marks cumulative update KB50000482 on Redmond servers as “harmful” so that the update is no longer distributed. It also tells customers to automatically uninstall the patch and revert to a previous state. However, it may still take a few days for the rollback command to reach most PCs.

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