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Windows 11 22H2 still 9 apps that can't be uninstalled (officially)

Windows 11 22H2 still 9 apps that can’t be uninstalled (officially)

Almost a year ago we took a look at Windows 11, how many apps are in a fresh install be supplied pre-installed and how many of them cannot be uninstalled. with the new Windows 11 22H2 (22621) Let’s start a comparison.

If you exclude Edge, the language pack, and also the C++ runtime environment, there are still 35 apps that come pre-installed. We also omit the advertising apps in the start menu, which you would have to install with a “click” first. Right click -> uninstall in the start menu.

These are listed under Settings -> Apps now “Installed apps”. There are a few changes compared to Windows 11 22000. Crop and draw now appears as a cropping tool. Groove music became that media playback Y clipchampvideo editor has been added.

Compared to the first version of Windows 11, there are now 9 apps left. Although Microsoft Store and Windows Security can actually be included in the calculation as they are required. So no, if there is not a big change in Windows 11 22H2. Except, of course, the view in the settings of installed applications.

But uninstalling some of these applications is also enough ateither Shell Power.

However, for experienced readers, there is something very special about Windows 11 22H2. Because the apps now come separately. If you create an ISO yourself, you have the option to exclude (almost) all apps and not have them integrated. we had more on that described here.

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