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Windows 11 22H2: the taskbar will remain inflexible in the future


Even after the Fall 2022 Update, also known as Windows 11 22H2 (“Sun Valley 2”), the new OS taskbar, which contains many innovations, remains uncompromisingly positioned at the bottom edge of the screen. , or rather, fixed. Microsoft claims to have relied on collected telemetry data in making the decision.

The taskbar remains fixed and solid

As Microsoft developers did during a live tech community event on Microsoft’s official YouTube channel. Windows IT Professional have announced, the positioning of the new Windows 11 taskbar, which is also hotly discussed within the ComputerBase community, will also be maintained with “Sun Valley 2”, i.e. the Fall 2022 update.

Microsoft sees the bottom edge of the screen as the optimal position for the taskbar and sees its view confirmed by telemetry data from Windows users.

The goal was to be truly data-driven about what to include, what to put off for later, or what not to include.


Icon area adjusts to touch

Positioning on the top, left or right edge of the screen is now possible and will only be possible with the help of third party software. As first shown by Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563, the taskbar is also designed more for touch, which in turn means that the icons in the dedicated system area of ​​the panel can no longer be dragged and dropped. of the hidden area. or let go.

If you want to use this feature and show or hide icons in the system tray, now you need to go to the “Taskbar Settings”. The questions asked by the development team were previously posted by Microsoft on the official sub-reddit. r/windows11 been selected

During the approximately 50-minute video, the developers also go into the new customizable folders in the start menu and talk about the optional tablet-optimized taskbar.

Users, including those on the ComputerBase forum, have repeatedly asked for the taskbar grouping of open applications to be reintroduced. Microsoft has not yet commented on this.

More about Windows 11 22H2 (“Sun Valley 2”)

In the video, the developers emphasize several times that they have focused on the features that are used the most as evaluated by Windows 11 and Windows 10 telemetry data.

Necessity is the mother of invention

In particular, the inflexible taskbar and heavily cropped start and context menu helped tools like Start11, ExplorerPatcher, and ElevenClock to a minor renaissance. The Fall 2022 Update is expected to be released in October this year.

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