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Windows 11 brings back the weather tool to the taskbar


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Microsoft had withdrawn its weather tool in this new version of the operating system in favor of a separate widget panel; However, this was not to the liking of the entire community who asked back for the sale of the weather that debuted in Windows 10.

From now on and with the new update, the weather widget will be displayed on the left side of the taskbar by default; however, for people with the taskbar aligned to the left, this weather feature will appear as an icon.

In order to have the weather widget on the taskbar again, it is enough for users to look for the update in the ‘Windows Insider’ program, in addition to the above, the community also hopes that the function that allows showing the time will be launched soon and the date on multiple monitors, which is currently not possible.

Both features are in beta mode and are expected to be officially released in 2022.

Amanda Langowski, head of Windows Insider at Microsoft, explained in one of her statements that “we are testing showing the Widgets entry point on the left side of the taskbar with live weather content, users will also be able to open the panel of widgets simply by placing the cursor on the Start ”.

In addition to the above, Microsoft also announced the incorporation of a voice access tool for Windows 11 that is much more than a voice assistant.

‘Voice Access’ will allow the opening of applications, the switch between them and other activities such as surfing the internet or composing emails or writing using only voice commands, once it is launched and enabled.

Users will be able to use commands such as “open Powerpoint” to open that application or even “click” to tell the computer to select items.

It is not yet clear when Voice Access will be available, what is certain is that it appears to be a combination of the various speech recognition tools that Microsoft has collected over the years in order to generate a better experience.

“Voice access is a new experience that allows everyone, including people with mobility disabilities, to control their PC and type text using their voice,” says Langowski.

Windows 11 implements improvements to complaints from users

Although some elements that people were missing such as the climate widget were already mentioned, in general, the Windows 11 taskbar is something that many of the users do not agree with.

The user community has stated that although a much simpler design was opted for, this caused many of the important functions to no longer be present.

The case of the time on several monitors is an example, since many have had to install third-party applications in order to have the date and time on several monitors, a functionality that should be native to Windows.

Although Microsoft has not remained immobile before these feedbacks, because apart from announcing that it will solve that specific problem it also installed through its latest updates the ability to show more icons or recommendations in the Start Menu


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