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Windows 11 can be updated for free! However, it is limited to cool PCs ... - Yajiuma no Mori

Windows 11 can be updated for free! However, it is limited to cool PCs … – Yajiuma no Mori

In “Yajiuma no Mori”, we will tell you a wide range of topics that are not particular about news reviews.

Windows 10 can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free

Windows 11, with all kinds of buzz, has finally been officially announced. Looking at the screenshots and information that is available now, it looks like it will be a pretty promising operating system. And luckily, upgrading from Windows 10 is free!

I’m curious about the conditions … Is TPM 2.0 required (which is delicious)? DirectX 12 or later (how many did you support)? Microsoft has prepared a verification tool for me.

You can check if your device meets the “Windows 11” requirements with the “PC Health Check” tool distributed by Microsoft.

“Windows 11” does not support 32-bit CPU Secure Boot, TPM 2.0 is also requiredMore quote

I immediately downloaded it to my main PC and verified it. The results are the following.

Result of using “PC Health Check” on the main PC

However! I have a wonderful judgment that “Windows 11 cannot run on this PC”. I tried to investigate various causes using “CPU-Z” and “GPU-Z”, but I’m not sure. The conditions should have been clarified elsewhere as well …

The CPU is of the “Haswell” generation and is compatible with TPM 2.0

GPU supports DirectX 12

WDDM was also cleared with v2.5

What about you guys? We have created a poll on Twitter, so we would appreciate your response. Also, send us your thoughts and opinions on Windows 11 by replying to the tweet.

What has changed in the hot Windows 11? What kind of concept is it made of? What kind of PC can it be used on? TI journalist Kazuki Kasahara and PC Watch companion magazine editor-in-chief Norihiko Wakasugi will organize the live distribution of the currently known information and will explain in detail on YouTube starting at 7:00 p.m. on June 28 (Monday) . Don’t forget to sign up as a reminder!