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Incorrect usage in task manager with version 22H2

Windows 11: Gaming performance restored by fix

of Maximilian Hohm
With a current fix, Microsoft wants to get gaming performance back under control for Windows 11 22H2. This was recently affected by shaking and other frame rate irregularities and thus the release of the update version was halted. Therefore, read below what you can do about it and what innovations are in the version.

The version 22H2 update for Windows 11 had noticeably worsened gaming performance for some users, which is why Microsoft had stopped rolling out the update for affected systems for now. Now, the manufacturer has released a preview version of an update that should fix some of these issues and not give gamers any stuttering experience or performance issues. It is not yet clear which titles were affected by this issue on Windows 11, but Microsoft has so far prevented the rollout to corresponding systems with the problematic titles installed.

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The security of this update, which is intended to prevent bad user experience, has been removed almost a week ago and users can search for KBA5020044 in Windows Updates to install the update preview. Aside from Microsoft, graphics card maker Nvidia also had issues with the Windows 11 version update, but these were addressed and resolved in early September. Although both issues express themselves through stuttering and uneven frame rates, they actually have nothing to do with each other.

In addition to the mentioned improvements, the latest Windows update also includes other bug fixes that correspond to the new monthly cumulative updates. Among the new features, which go beyond bug fixes, are notices for different memory loads from the internal cloud storage service One Drive, improvements for Windows Spotlight and many other small new features found in the official version. release notes can be read.

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