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Windows 11 Release Updates Release Date, Key Features, How to Download the June 24 Sun Valley Event

Windows 11 Release Updates Release Date, Key Features, How to Download the June 24 Sun Valley Event

Washington: Windows 10 generation is over, Microsoft brings a new generation of Windows operating software. Today, June 24, their mega virtual launch event took place in Sun Valley. Previously, on June 9, it was released on social media without a teaser video on behalf of Microsoft. As can be seen in the video clip, sunlight comes through the window inside the house. In the caption, Microsoft also announced the message to join the event.

What does Microsoft Windows 11 look like?

The virtual launch event has already started. Windows 11 Generation is reported to be released for customers later this year. It will also be available to Windows Insider on a trial basis starting next week. Windows 10 users will be able to update the new operating system for free.

Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, spoke on stage. “I am delighted with what we have shown you today. Windows has served as a democratic force in the pages of history around the world,” he said.


Android apps with Microsoft Store will be available in Windows 11. It looks like TickTock is coming to Windows 11. Built-in apps will bring these apps to Windows.

  • The Windows logo for Windows 11 has a new design. A square blue logo has been used instead of the previous one. Also, rounded corners will be seen around the logo instead of sharp corners.
  • Other application icons with the Start menu appear in the middle of the taskbar. There is a search menu next to the start menu. The large search menu will not look like it used to.
  • Windows 11 will work best in touch mode.
  • The integration of the team comes directly, especially in Windows 11. Users can make any call, video call. It will not be a problem if the previous user uses another device i.e a Mac device.
  • No major changes will be seen in File Explorer without icon changes.
  • Also, new wallpapers have been added to Windows 11. The start screen looks a lot like Windows 10X. Added a new startup sound. The entertainment department has also been organized.
  • The widget is back in Windows 11. From now on, new widgets can be added to the widget taskbar. Developers can also create their own widgets with their own software.
  • There is a new keyboard. More GIFs and emojis will be seen on this keyboard.
  • Added a new trim control. This function can be used with the Maximize key in any application.
  • The user interface of the Windows Store has also changed. Use of text with larger images is reduced.
  • At the same time, the experience of using Xbox on the next operating system will be better.