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Windows 11 requires mandatory credit card information


The latest trial build of Windows 11 has many sitting up and taking notice. Microsoft requires the user’s credit card details during installation.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22567 from the Dev Channel includes several new features. But there is one that determines some users will cause a riot. What is clear is that Microsoft, with gossip volume (the vole) will require all users to provide their credit card details when installing Windows 11.

Windows 11 mimics what iOS has done

This fits almost “perfectly” with the news about two weeks ago that MS has closed all the loopholes when it comes to installation. There will be no Windows 11 Home or Pro without providing your own Microsoft account. Also: If you are offline when installing, you are out of luck. Windows 11, either Home or Pro, just install it online.

Actually, the whole thing is not surprising. By linking your own account to the version of Windows, you are already giving up your anonymity with Windows 10. Other manufacturers such as Apple do not allow the use of their mobile devices (iPad/iPhone) without a credit card. It can even be helpful to provide credit card details for online purchases within the Microsoft ecosystem. But that still doesn’t explain the compulsion to give information.

Windows 11: Attention, your credit card is about to expire!

What is clear is that the manufacturer sees the additional credit card information as part of the subscription option it added last month called Microsoft 365 subscription. If there is a risk that a user’s subscription is at risk due to to an expired credit card, Microsoft will ask the user to provide a valid credit card. The question arises whether Windows 11 will still be usable if this is not done.

cybercrime cashtocode

Apparently, Microsoft now sees the PC primarily as a shopping tool that isn’t just for work or play. Windows 11 also comes with a new security feature called Smart App Control. This monitors all the new apps and games you want to install. Microsoft blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous applications.

The issue is known from macOS. There, completely new software or software from small manufacturers is basically considered no classified as trustworthy. If you still want to install the programs, you need to confirm it separately.

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But with the new preview build there are also some useful innovations on the way. The update function of Windows 11 activates the operating system at the moment when the proportion of environmentally friendly energy in the power grid is particularly high. The new operating system also offers to set up a connection between Windows 11 and Android smartphones. Touch gesture support has also been improved.

Don’t you fancy perfect surveillance?

If you don’t want to give up your anonymity when configuring your PC, for that we have some alternatives on offer here. In addition, the question must always be asked before a change: What does Windows 11 offer that the current operating system cannot do? Do you really have to agree with every hype?

Alternative: try Windows 11 through the browser

If you really want to try Windows 11 despite all your worries, you must visit this website. The Win11 website in React is based on reactioncss (SCSS) and javascript. the source code is available here for the curious. It is not the latest version. But the programmer gradually incorporates all the new features. Anyone who wants to financially support the project can donate here.

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