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Windows 11: Taskleiste mit abgerundeten Ecken ist kein neues Feature

Windows 11: Taskbar with rounded corners is not a new feature

Several Windows 11 Insiders have spotted a taskbar with rounded corners in the latest build 25174 of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25174, a preview of Windows 11 23H2, from the Dev Channel and other Insider Previews, and on the sub-reddit r/windows11 released. But it is a mistake.

No taskbar with rounded corners for Windows 11

While some users already thought they had discovered a new optical feature for the Windows 11 taskbar, which gives it rounded corners, it quickly turned out that this was a bug and not a new feature.

Windows 11 taskbar with rounded corners
Windows 11 taskbar with rounded corners (Image: u/caipira113)

What brandon leblancSenior Program Manager in the Windows 11 Insider Program, has now announced via the short message service Twitter that it was simply a graphical bug.

This looks like a bug. There are a few such bugs that change the user interface in various ways. It’s not something we tested in A/B testing.

Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

It is currently assumed that the function responsible for the rounded corners of the windows will also be transferred to the taskbar. This is also temporarily shown in this style.

Restarting the UI fixes bugs

After exiting and then restarting the UI through the process explorer.exe or a reboot of the entire operating system, the taskbar is displayed as usual again.

Taskbar with rounded corners from Microsoft Store

While Windows 11 will also not offer a “floating” taskbar with rounded corners “out of the box” in the future, there is a workaround for this optical trick in the Microsoft Store. the little tool TB rounded makes the Windows 11 taskbar appear floating, transparent, and with rounded corners at the top or bottom of the screen if desired.

RoundedTB modifies the taskbar and gives it rounded corners (Image: TorchGM)

For more information on RoundedTB, please refer to the official website project page on the GitHub development platform as well as on the official ones release notes the current version 3.1 (v1.3.1.0). Also a Download (.ZIP) from the developer side it is possible.

RoundedTB modifies the taskbar and gives it rounded corners (Image: TorchGM)

The developer of RoundedTB also works closely with the manufacturer of TranslucentTB. TranslucentTB is a tool that gives the taskbar transparency and an acrylic style so that the two programs complement each other in the best possible way and don’t inadvertently get in the way.

Also TranslucentTB is about the Microsoft Store from Windows 11 and Windows 10 and the officer Product page on GitHub available.