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Windows 11 Upgrade: Sun Valley for Everyone and Sun Valley 2 Approaching RTM Status


As Microsoft upgrades to Windows 11 twenty-oneH2 (“Sun Valley”) is now available for all authorized computer systems, i.e. supported, development work on the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 (“Sun Valley 2”) is almost complete and the transition to the final state of RTM is imminent.

Windows 11 21H2 for everyone

As Microsoft in the updated documentation on announced that the initial upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will now be offered on all eligible systems that have at least the May 2020 Update, also known as Windows 10 2004 (“20H1”) installed and meet the operating system requirements. more recent.

Windows 11 21H2 (“Sun Valley”) for all supported systems (Image: Microsoft)

For the first time, the upgrade or upgrade path is also officially available to businesses and is automatically offered on all relevant systems. Microsoft is now talking about a “wide deployment“operating system”in all authorized systems“.

Upgrading to Windows 11 21H2 officially requires the following framework conditions, some of which can (still) be avoided with different solutions.

  • Windows 10 2004 (“20H1”) or later
  • active TPM 2.0 or fTPM 2.0
  • Secure Boot Enabled in UEFI
  • a compatible processor

However, Microsoft has already announced several times that the requirements when switching to the next higher feature update must be taken into account more strictly. Workarounds could come to an end with the Fall 2022 Update, also known as Windows 11 22H2 (“Sun Valley 2”) at the latest, but that’s not absolutely certain yet.

Windows 11 22H2 approaching RTM state

While Windows 11 21H2 is available as an update for all eligible systems, the site wants desktop modifier I learned that the Fall 2022 Update, which brings the operating system to the level of Windows 11 22H2, is about to be officially completed and will therefore already be in “Release To Manufacture (RTM)” status between 20 and May 24.

Microsoft is then scheduled to start shipping Windows 11 22H2 this summer, with wide availability expected in the fall of this year.

More about the subject

After Windows 11 22H2 has reached RTM status, Windows 11 Insiders will be able to see the new Insider Preview builds for the upcoming Windows 11 23H2 feature update for the first time.

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