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Windows Package Manager with improved ARM64 support is here

Windows 12 wallpapers: AI creates Windows 12 wallpapers

At the beginning of the year there were a series of rumors about Windows 12. Then the topic died down. While searching for Windows 12 update news, we came across some AI-generated wallpapers that we don’t want to hide from you.

Rumor has it that Microsoft wants to re-release a new version of Windows every few years instead of offering a single version with yearly feature updates. Consequently, Windows 11 would have to be followed by Windows 12. Although there are still no official details about a possible Windows 12 upgrade, there is already a lot of discussion about it.

Midjourney: AI creates the first Windows 12 wallpapers

the BetaNews Colleagues it had already sent data to Midjourney, an AI-based text-to-image generator similar to the better-known Dall-E, to create wallpapers for Windows 12. The result is some pretty wacky, but surprisingly authentic wallpapers that do just that. windows 10 Combine the logo with new backgrounds and gradients. It’s all quite gaudy and has its own charm. Decorate your PC with “Windows 12” images. You can find the images in high resolution. beta news.

What do we know about Windows 12?

According to rumors, Microsoft is said to have started working on Windows 12 in March 2022. However, there are no leaks about the changes yet.

If the rumors come true, it remains to be seen when Windows 12 might start. There were at least six years between the start of Windows 10 and Windows 11. Hopefully Microsoft will comment on this in the coming months and we’ll know more details later.

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