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WINDTRE says goodbye to premium services

Good news for users WIND that in the past have had bad experiences with VAS services, that is, premium premium services that in some cases can also be activated unintentionally and that involve unwanted charges (and sometimes quite high).

Well, the telephone operator has decided that from next year on its network it will no longer be possible to activate the VAS subscription services, as shown on the WINDTRE Informa page of the official website.

With WINDTRE there will be no more space for VAS services

This is what we read on the site:

WINDTRE informs that as of January 1, 2022, the VAS subscription services (Premium Services referred to in CASP 4.0) will no longer be activated or usable on your network.

As of January 1, 2022, in essence, even those who have currently requested the release to activate VAS services will no longer be able to use this type of content and this decision, which could satisfy those who over the years have encountered “fighting” with unwanted and / or accidental activations, on the other hand, they could be received with some annoyance by users who have consciously decided to enable this type of services (which can range from various fields, from games to news, from horoscopes to backgrounds of screen). Those who consider these services essential, therefore, will not be able to do anything other than find a telephone operator that allows their use.

We remind you that in 2021 WINDTRE has repeatedly made changes to the blocking system for premium rate services, introducing the so-called except at the end of April for “all prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers“, With the consequent automatic deactivation of all VAS services that are already active on the customer’s line (with the possibility of requesting unlocking).

You can find all the WINDTRE offers by following this link.

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