Developer and publisher The Astronauts has released a new trailer for upcoming rogue-lite first-person shooter Witchfire as part of Summer Game Fest 2022. After a few years of work, the dark fantasy adventure looks almost ready to kick off Early Game. Access. In addition to the new gameplay aspect, there was also more information about Witchfire’s plans.

“Armed with strange weapons and forbidden pagan magic, you hunt down a powerful witch who holds the key to your salvation,” write the creators of Painkiller, Bulletstorm and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter about their new project, which will premiere exclusively in the fourth . Quarter 2022 should start in Early Access on the Epic Games Store for PC.

Fourth quarter goal: possibility of postponement

In the associated FAQ, the developers of The Astronauts state that they are aiming for this date, but will not unlock the game if they are not satisfied with the status. They just want to focus on early access because they think that phase will make the game better overall and community feedback could be included accordingly.

The studio has been working with Epic Games since 2007 and has repeatedly received extensive support from Epic in the context of previous productions. That’s why Witchfire will initially appear exclusively on the Epic Games Store, with expansion to other platforms planned for a later date. Witchfire will be based on the Unreal Engine.

Witchfire Summer Game Fest 2022 Trailer

The new trailer for Summer Game Fest 2022 shows us some new things, but still keeps other features and components of Witchfire under the veil of silence. This is what’s new:

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