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With the complement of the income of the citizenship, what gifts can be bought on New Year’s Eve or for the Befana?


After Christmas, thoughts run fast about the next vacation. In this regard, we have already seen what are the cult gift ideas for Christmas and New Year 2021.

In particular, some RdC winners asked us: With the Citizenship Income Add-on, what gifts can be purchased on New Years Eve or for Befana?

What can be bought with the income of citizenship?

Let’s first see what the RdC card allows to do. First, it is possible to make monthly cash withdrawals, within certain variable limits depending on the number of members of the family unit. It is also possible to pay the house rent or the mortgage payment (monthly SEPA transfer / Money order at the post office). In addition, it is possible to pay the household bills and other services.

Most of the expenses related to RdC are usually linked to the purchase of basic necessities and consumer services. Take, for example, food, footwear and clothing (not luxury) or furniture and appliances, including large ones. The costs also include school texts, training courses, the purchase of office supplies or teaching materials in general. We also find the entire chapter of expenses related to health and personal care: medicines, parapharmaceuticals, medical visits, medical devices, etc.

Likewise, it is possible to pay for gasoline at the gas station and a tram or metro pass. Or a ticket to the cinema or theater, a drink at the bar or a pizza or dinner in the restaurant.

What is not possible to buy with RdC?

The RdC institution portal also indicates for which product categories the card cannot be used. First of all, this includes all expenses related to games involving cash winnings. Then we have the expenses related to the purchase of weapons, pornographic material or purchases in private clubs, the purchase, rental and leasing of boats and pleasure boats or port services.

Purchases of insurance, credit and financial services, and money transfer services are also excluded.

Likewise, it is unthinkable to think of giving away (using the RdC refill) leather goods or jewelery. Finally, purchases made in art galleries and the like are excluded.

With the complement of the income of the citizenship, what gifts can be bought on New Year’s Eve or for the Befana?

Likewise, the use of the card in commercial activities mainly dedicated to the sale of the above products and / or services is prohibited. Finally, the use of the card abroad or for online purchases or through direct marketing services is excluded.

With reference to the Epiphany, from the summary of eligible expenses and not so far exposed it appears that the discipline does not veto the subject of toys. Therefore, those RdC recipients who so wish could use part of the recharge to buy toys for their offspring.

Finally, before closing, we remind you that we have already seen how to calculate the amount of the INPS one-time allocation for RdC holders.


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