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With this change, WhatsApp wants to always remind you that the app is safe

With this change, WhatsApp wants to always remind you that the app is safe

WhatsApp will show visual indicators of the encryption so that we always know how secure their services are when talking and chatting with our friends and family,

They work slowly but they keep working, and it is that Meta’s development engineers they do not stop presenting us improvements for WhatsApp, some of greater depth and others not as important as this novelty that we show you today.

In fact, given the usual comments and discussions about the security of your service, it seems that WhatsApp wants to make it clear to us that it is safe to use it, and for this he has devised some indicators that will be present in all sections of the app very soon, starting with the versions beta WhatsApp for iOS.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp today? The app will tell you yes …

They told us as always the companions of WaBetaInfo, indicating that the change will also be implemented in Android coming soon so we all have a visual reference to end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp applies in all our conversations.

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Thus, the app itself WhatsApp will show us a message reminding us that all our chats and calls are encrypted, so they always remain hidden all the way from one user to another, including their own servers. In fact, in Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, no one will be able to read our conversations, nor listen to them, so indeed WhatsApp is a very safe place to talk with our friends and family.

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These indicators will also be present in the section on state, Y be implemented in a way that is visible but not disturbing, as described in the screenshots that follow:

This is how WhatsApp will highlight your safety

This way, WhatsApp will remind you that using its services is very safe.

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