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Wizards of the Coast addresses concerns about The Walking Dead crossover


Magic: The Gathering and The Walking Dead’s upcoming collaboration includes some cool cards, but it’s not well accepted by many Magic fans. On Twitch Stream, Wizards of the Coast addressed community concerns about Secret Rare Drops. Dot sports..

Magic: The Gathering has done a limited crossover set so far. Pony: Galloping A set in collaboration with My Little Pony is usually a silver-bordered card featuring only unique art. The Walking Dead set has been revealed as a black-framed card that is legal in eternal format, and mechanically unique cards open up new options for play.

Fans aren’t happy that such cards have been released in a limited run set-like other Secret Rare Drops, The Walking Dead cards are printed on demand and then released again. It is not. Other MTG players don’t like the idea of ​​mixing The Walking Dead lore with the already rich and clear world of Magic.

on Magic’s official Twitch channelWith the addition of product architects Mark Heggen and director of Magic R & D Aaron Forsyth, Wizards of the Coast Senior Communication Manager, Blake Las Mussen talks about the new set and what Wizards was doing to address fan concerns. Did.

Forsyth talked about the origin of the set and how it was inspired by an internal discussion at WOTC about pulling the world of Magic away from the core mechanics of the game. “There are many partners who make great and fun Magic cards. The Walking Dead was the first card we decided to try.”

“The world is adjacent to a kind of magic,” Heggen added. “It’s a world full of zombies and combat. It wasn’t easy for us to imagine,’Oh, what a card would look like.'”

When asked why The Walking Dead’s set wasn’t silver-edged like other crossovers, Forsyth said it just didn’t fit into this new set. “”[Silver-bordered sets] “Usually it’s designed not to work with a black-framed Magic set. With this Walking Dead set, it seemed very easy to create a magic card that works well within the magic rules.” Final decision. He explained that it really came down to allowing people to actually play with the cards they bought.

However, this does not mean that The Walking Dead is officially part of the Magic Cannon. Forsyth explained that at the bottom of The Walking Dead’s card is a unique foil stamp that indicates it’s part of another canon.

Nothing has been confirmed, but the Wizards team has shown that the Magic-specific version of The Walking Dead Cards can be reprinted with new art if the demand for these card mechanics increases in a highly competitive situation.

The Walking Dead set is currently pre-ordered Secret hideaway, Limited sale until October 12th.

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