Epic Game is currently wearing their donation pants. Since the store was launched, there has been one every week. free games for you, which you can pick up completely free of charge in the store. You only have to click it once and you can permanently add it to your game library.

At the moment, however, there are (as before) the mystery game-Promotion in Epic Games Store. Not only do you get a free game here, but as a mystery game you can look forward to a real blockbuster title. In recent weeks, both Borderlands 3 and the Bioshock Collection have been free. From today, Thursday June 2, you can get another cookie: Wolfenstein: New Order

Wolfenstein: New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the first title in the Wolfenstein reboot, which is being implemented by developer MachineGames. In New Order, players will discover an alternate version of the 1960s. An unknown world ruled by a known enemy who has rewritten and distorted history as we know it.

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Here you have Wolfenstein: New Order

you can yourselves wolfenstein new order for exactly one week starting today, June 2, from the Epic Games Store. Then the free game changes again and there is another “mystery game”. If you want to know what titles Epic has already released for free, take a look here: Epic Games – Free Game Collection: List of all games

A week ago:

So you get the Bioshock Collection for free