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Women: LOSC equals Paris FC in friendly

Women: LOSC equals Paris FC in friendly

For their fourth friendly match of the summer, the LOSC women faced a large chunk of D1 Arkema, Paris FC. After having faced the U19 of the same team, Lille opposed the professionals.

If LOSC, currently in D2, has not yet finished its preparation, Paris FC played their last match before the return of D1 Arkema. Therefore, a great challenge was presented to Lille, and it was quite successful. At the start of the match, Elisa Launay immediately distinguished herself by doing two shows in two Paris FC forays. Then, Lille will respond to these offensives in the 17th minute. Chloé Pierel transforms it on a penalty caused by LOSC and gives the advantage to her team. The score will not change despite a dangerous free throw from each side.

Returning from the dressing room, Rachel Saidi makes changes in small amounts to bring freshness. Unfortunately, Lille will not be able to maintain the result, despite the return of Noémie Mouchon who has not lost her athletic strength. In fact, the latter cuts through the Parisian defense just five minutes after entering, before getting caught in the wire. It is on the side of Paris FC that the path to goals lies in the second half, in the 75th minute. Lille will try to regain the advantage through Noémie Mouchon and then Lorena Azzaro but to no avail. Final score, one everywhere against the last quarter of D1 Arkema. Next and last friendly term next weekend, against the Grand Palais Pascal (D3).

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The composition of Lille during the meeting: Launay (Moitrel, 56 ‘) – Fremaux (Nollet, 80’), Devleesschauwer (cap), Polito, Ollivier (Bogaert, 72 ‘) – Paprzycki (Bamenga, 76’), Demeyere, Elisor – Marty (Mouchon, 63 ‘) , Pierel, Boucly (Azzaro, 63 ‘)