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 World of Warcraft - Blizzard Updates Input Broadcasting Software (Multiboxing) Policy

World of Warcraft-Blizzard Updates Input Broadcast Software (Multiboxing) Policy

Blizzard today Announcement The third input broadcasting software (levelbuddy, etc.) is World of Warcraft.. This type of software is often used for multiboxing (one person playing multiple accounts at the same time), but it can also be used for botting. All of this believes Blizzard will have a negative impact on the game.

Blizzard has stated that it warns players not to use such software while playing, but after some warnings, players may be suspended or banned altogether. From the post itself:

“… While playing World of Warcraft, we will notify players not to use this software. Shortly thereafter, warnings will escalate to account actions, such as pausing and, if necessary, player World. It may include the complete closure of your of Warcraft account. “

Shadowlands is preparing for it Second pass at launchThere may be a subset of players who wanted to be able to multi-box new extensions, but Blizzard seems to be throwing cold water on that idea. Blizzard recently released a quick flythrough for the Shadowlands Zone, but don’t worry. You can see everything at the same time. Our post here, Without fear of warning.