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World of Warcraft could be attacked by Alliance and Horde together someday

World of Warcraft could be attacked by Alliance and Horde together someday

The World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde may one day share the same aspects. Blizzard accepts the idea that bitter rivals will be on the side of MMORPG games just to mitigate population problems.

During this year’s BlizzCon panel, the issue of balancing the two across WoW’s servers was addressed. Alliances and Horde dominate certain areas, and players need to switch sides or servers to play everything. This is because only players on the same side can raid and perform all the great operations. Blizzard has implemented features to control this, such as cross-server play, but it’s still problematic, and game director Ion Hazzikostas says it’s a “top priority.” Moderator Scott Johnson asked if the Alliance and Horde could get things done together to make everything convenient.

Somewhat shockingly, Hazzikostas thinks it can happen. “I will honestly never say it,” he said. “After all, MMOs like World of Warcraft can play with friends, play wherever they want, and definitely, if you feel you really have a choice, your faction’s identity will expand even further. Being a faction to identify, you feel most of it and you don’t have to sacrifice it because you need to be with your group or you want to join a higher rated guild. “

Hazzikostas mentions that the arena allows Alliance vs Alliance and Hordevs Horde, and The Burning Crusade will bring that feature to WoW Classic this year. He explains that removing this invisible barrier may help long-term players who want to be free to try something different without changing who they play with.

“I have a colleague who is a lifelong Alliance player who is now playing Horde, and they want to be an Alliance for guild reasons,” he explains. The same boat around the world. We want to do something for them. “

You can see the entire panel below.

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