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World of Warcraft: Ranking of all Shadowlands zones


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands It has brought several new zones to the ever-expanding world of Azeroth. Blizzard focuses on exploring and immersing itself in the latest landscapes of the game, as the latest expansion of the game is centered around a large open world area.

From the massive barren waste of Maldraxxus to the breathtaking forests of Ardenweald, each zone is unique in its own right. But when it comes to quality, some are simply more noticeable than others.

Here are the 5 open world zones Wow: Shadowlands It was ranked from worst to highest.

5) Mo

Maw in its current state has a number of issues and can easily be categorized at the bottom of this list.The introductory quest line that players experience here is great enough to serve as an appetizer Shadowlands motion. But when you get back here at maximum levels, the time you spend feels like a chore above all else.

In other zones, the urge to minimax is definitely present. When it comes to places like Revendreth and Ardenweald, it’s hard to oppose spending more time in these particular zones to build your reputation and complete more world quests. But at Maw, getting the most out of your daily Eye of the Jailer mechanic while completing all the available quests that Ve’nari must offer is like a second job in the game. I feel it. Refining the zone for rare enemies is bad enough, and reputation and the minimum rewards of Stysia do not tempt players to want to stay in the zone.

Moreover, it’s not like you it can Anyway, stick to the zone. After killing enough enemies in a day and gaining a good reputation in Maw, Mobs will start chasing you and the zone will passively exhaust one second at a time. There is a better way to gate content than in situations where the game is aggressively throwing you out of a particular area after you spend too much time there. Anyway, Maw doesn’t look good for players who want to leave the place early when they know they will eventually be kicked out.

4) Maldraxxus

The player’s first introduction to Maldraxxus is incredibly impressive. The experience of being thrown head-on into an arena with hundreds of combatants will surely be a wild time. And from there, the campaign becomes even more powerful. In the course of Maldraxxus’ leveling story, players are reintroduced to several main characters such as Draka, Alexandros Mograine, and Lady Vashj, tying some loose ends from past extensions.

The leveling experience at Maldraxxus is particularly powerful, but the zone drops significantly when the player reaches it. Shadowlands‘Endgame. The incredibly large size of the zone was definitely a welcome sight during the leveling process, but it plays a negative role at maximum levels, especially if the player is trying to navigate the zone in a timely manner.

In addition, the zone will be very flat in the landscaping sector. Maldraxxus’ art direction feels perfectly uniform and spending time back in the zone is ultimately unattractive. For a zone as large as Maldraxxus (arguably the largest zone in expansion), at least some different directions are expected. Art terminology. However, in most cases, the zone relies on dark gray and slimy green throughout. While jumping from World Quest to World Quest at maximum levels, it’s difficult to avoid feeling repetitive and similar experiences, even if you’re performing completely different activities in the middle of the zone.

3) Fortress

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

Bastion is the most beautiful zone in Shadowlands, with a sparkling gold and effervescent light blue color scheme that keeps things bright. In stark contrast to the other four zones that the expansion must provide, Bastion is the only area in Shadowlands that feels consistently bright, ensuring that the zone’s natural appeal is enhanced.

However, like Maldraxxus, the size of the Bastion is a factor that lowers it a notch. Bastion is definitely one of the big zones of the game, but it feels like there’s a lot of free space where much isn’t done. Specifically, the area near the entrance to the Spiers of Ascension dungeon is dark and there are no natural flight points on the nearby map, so reaching them first is a bit in case a fraudulent world quest occurs. is. Of time sync.

Often, if you do something in the far corners of Bastion, which is not easily accessible from Heroes Rest, the central hub of the map, many players may not take the time to get to their destination. .. leg.

Speaking of Heroes Rest, the elevated Kirian settlement in the middle of the zone is one of the most relaxing and comfortable hubs of all. Shadowlands.. The decoration and atmosphere of the area is cozy and homely, but the teleporter pads at the four corners of Heroes Rest are convenient for getting to the area near Bastion. This area is arguably the highlight of the zone, and a friendly steward that bounces around the locale is a great addition bonus.

2) Arden Wheeled

The Ardenwheeled Leveling Campaign is one of the most powerful moments in your entire itinerary to Level 60. Some characters in the zone, the fairies who serve the Winter Queen, can certainly be off the grid for some players. It’s one of the best extensions through them. Leveling here is very easy and takes less than a few hours. Still, when you reach the end of the rope, Ardenweald will want to return to you.

And when you reach the maximum level, spending extra time in Arden Wheeled never feels like a chore. In other zones in the game, such as Maw and Maldraxxus, it’s easy to leave for another destination, but Ardenweald tries to get you involved in a calm atmosphere and a relatively easy experience.

The different landscapes of the zones also add to the mood, as many of the different subzones of Ardenfield feel different in comparison to each other. When moving from northeast to southwest of the map, players need to see at least two or three very diverse parts of the zone. From deep royal blue in areas like Hibernal Hollow and Heart of the Forest to muddy amber and violets in Tirna Scithe and Darkreach, Ardenweald beautifully blends its color palette throughout the zone.

1) Riven dress

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

From a narrative point of view, Revendreth is the strongest zone released in this extension, both during the leveling process and at the end of the game. NPCs like General Draven and Sire Denathrius play a major role in the basic story of. Shadowlands Characters found within Revendreth will help pave the way for expansion as a whole.

Moreover, the idea of ​​spending a lot of time here is not that scary. Revendreth’s highest level content is also incredibly fun. Whether you’re impersonating a servant at an aristocratic party or fulfilling your mission for a local revolution, Revendreth has a lot of unique and original content.

Moreover, the atmosphere of the zone is arguably one of the strongest of all Shadowlands.. Deep red and gray provide a classic vampire undertone that is thematically superior.Strongly influenced by the world like Bloodborne With Yarnam Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft, Revendreth perfectly captures the atmosphere of a Victorian-inspired revolutionary story full of vampires and gargoyles.

If there’s one complaint about Revendreth, it’s the verticality of the zone. Much of the time spent moving from one point to the next goes through the myriad elevators in the zone, so when moving from quest to quest, it feels like things aren’t touching each other a bit. I will. But still, travel time does not compromise the overall theme and experience of the zone. Unlike zones such as Maldraxxus and Bastion, everyone Just literally Above each other in Revendreth. By chance, players will encounter instances of World Quests, Rare Mobs, and World PvP at maximum levels. Every locale, quest hub, and a small corner in between, loads something that the player can do, so it’s really hard to avoid action in this zone.

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