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World of Warcraft Shadowlands-Achievement Reach Impressions


After spending hours exploring new race customizations Worlds of Warcraft Shadowlands Before the patch, we decided on 4 new characters to play Shadowlands.. To make sure there are no alternative issues, I went back to the realm selection screen and aggregated the characters I created over the last 16 years. Seeing that there are only 28 characters on 6 servers, I thought 1.75 characters wasn’t too bad each year. Most of the time, I make some Warriors, Priests, Warriors, Demon Hunters, and Druids. Sadly, I have only reached the maximum level with 3 priests, 3 demon hunters, and 2 warlocks. For balance, this time we’ll maximize the Warriors and Druids in Shadowlands.

I entered Before patch blind. I didn’t want to see spoilers on YouTube or participate in the beta. I wanted to see Exiles Reach and Level Squish with fresh eyes. The first character in Exile’s Reach was Warlock (don’t judge), but he brought a new warrior into the zone to get the right impression of the new starter zone. When I played the zone twice, I took the time to really immerse myself in what the new player experience offers.As Wow Veterinarian, here is my thoughts on the new territory.


World of Warcraft Exile's Reach

Zone graphics are top notch World of Warcraft.. I hope Blizzard will go back to all the old zones and update them. I know there are a lot of real estate in Azeroth, but the new time warp feature makes the game more reproducible, which makes it feel good. The wrath of Burning Crusade and Rich King is highly pixelated compared to Battle for Azeroth and Exile’s Reach. Exile’s Reach is very beautiful. I wish I could spend more time in the zone. I can’t wait to see the new zones added to Shadowlands. If Exile’s Reach is a sign of artwork Shadowlands It will be a brilliant eye candy.

The tutorial is very well done for new players. I enjoyed the pop-ups for each tutorial and found them useful for new players.Of course, being a 16 year veteran (although I still need to get that sweet, sweet stuff) Collector’s Edition), No prompt was needed, but if needed, it was nicely placed throughout the starting area of ​​the new player. The only thing that made me a little frustrated was the gear placement prompt. If I chose not to put in gear, the pop-up kept blinking annoyingly on the screen. After two new gearpieces, I turned off the tutorial because it doesn’t shut down even when using full heirloom gear.Again, if it’s a new player I haven’t tried exactly World of Warcraft, I found the tutorial prompt to be very helpful.

There were ups and downs in the tutorial prompt, but the tutorial flow was great. I felt that the tutorial was neither too long nor too short. I had time to eat porridge without being overwhelmed by bears. While at Exile’s Reach, I killed Papa Bear, and it was happy. I thought the basic mechanics of the quest chain and the game were shown to me professionally throughout the experience. I won’t spoil it, but at the end of the tutorial I’ll hit my teeth with a bone.From experience, Blizzard is definitely World of Warcraft For decades, history teachers will teach you in the future.


World of Warcraft Exile's Reach

Blizzard has made the new starting area a great tutorial for new players, but I think they could have used more pizza to keep playing new players.There is a part of World of Warcraft The new starting area completely ignored what I didn’t want. This experience taught me how to equip gear and spells while teaching me the basic combat mechanics, but completely ignored some of the game’s core mechanics. One of the most important aspects of the game, I wish I could tell, was profession. I left Exile’s Reach and proceeded to the Battle for Azeroth expansion without even knowing that a profession existed. I wasn’t pointed to by professional trainers or even told they existed.I know craft World of Warcraft It’s not very exciting, but ignoring it altogether is a big mistake.

The second thing Blizzard wants you to add to the tutorial was pet fighting. Pets are very cute and fun to collect. Everyone wants to collect pets and play a pet battle mini game. At least everyone needs to collect wheelies. Man, I love my wheelie! Whenever I’m exploring, I’m putting out a wheelie.Those who don’t want to learn more about having a wheelie World of Warcraft?? Oh my wheelie fell asleep …

Finally, I think the new starting area needs more work. Achievements are a central part of every game today, and getting them is very satisfying. The only achievement I got was to finish Exile’s Reach. We would like to take the time to showcase more achievements in the new area so that players can be absorbed in the experience. Murloc is such a symbolic part World of Warcraft They should have had the consequences of killing your first Murloc without terrifying death.Just a few details like that would have been added World of WarcraftPop culture within the game itself.

World of Warcraft Exile's Reach

Overall, I found the new starting area to be a fun chat. I think it can be extended to add a description of the core features of the game that has been around for over a decade. Knowing how to equip gear and kill Murloc during sleep is essential, but not as important as letting players know what the entire game can offer. Since the release date of Shadowlands has not been finalized, there is still plenty of time to improve some downers in Exile’s Reach.

If you try a new starting area with World of WarcraftWhat did you think?

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