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World of Warcraft’s new leveling system fixes barriers to entry


Instead of flashy, out-of-the-box features like new classes and races World of Warcraft: ShadowlandsBlizzard is focused on renewing the old parts of the game. The most obvious example of this is the new character customization system. Current, Shadowlands Before the patch.But Blizzard has also been completely revamped World of WarcraftIs the ancient leveling system of, which is one of the largest game changers we have seen in the last few years.

Before the pre-patch, world of Warcraft It took more than 80 hours for an experienced player New player that takes months Makes characters 1 to 120 perfectly horizontal. But with the new prepatch, it took less than 20 hours.

How leveling has changed World of Warcraft

Some of the new faces of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Raids and dungeons are the highlights World of Warcraft, And many players see leveling as a barrier to the best content in the game. There is a reason why players want to reach their maximum level as soon as possible. If you are interested in WoW Boost, we can advise one of the best boosting services for World of Warcraft –

prior to Battle of AzerothDecided to run a new Light Forged Drainy Warrior through a leveling experience. By the time it reached its maximum level, the character had 60 hours of play time. 60 hours for experienced players with Heirloom items with increased XP.

In Shadowlands Prior to the patch, Blizzard changed almost everything about the process.They pushed the current maximum level down to 50 — when it reaches 60 Shadowlands drop.And they added 1 hour tutorial experience Take players from level 1 to 10. At levels 10-40, we have implemented a new time travel experience that players call “chromy time”. The player selects the extensions he wants to level up, and Chromie sends them to gnome. By the end of that one extended storyline, you’ll be at maximum level and ready to go. Shadowlands..

I was interested in this new system, so I decided to give it a try with the character I’m thinking of making it the main character. Shadowlands: My Valperan Shaman. I was playing an unlockable race that wasn’t available to new players, so I had to skip the opening sequence and start at level 10. I attached the Heirloom gear. This removes the experience bonus and only provides bonuses such as XP rest after logging.Off or Combat Bonus — and Pandaria fog Expansion.

In less than a week, I passed through four major zones and completed my leveling experience. I’ve been exploring Pandaria before, so I was familiar with the route. But I also didn’t push for a fast time. Earlier this week, I played for 18 hours and reached level 50. If you add the skipped 1 hour tutorial and subtract 1 hour of AFK time, it will be less than 20 hours.

After finishing, I found that I chose one The slowest of modern leveling extensions, And skipped various time-saving measures. Some players can complete the trek within 10 hours under the right circumstances.Transform Wow It’s a perfectly rational time sync and removes MMO’s biggest barrier to entry.

New player Wow Fold

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
One of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ new leveling zone
Image: Blizzard Entertainment


I love all the classes World of Warcraft, And I have almost the highest level version of each. I’m a blatant “Altaholic” and have spent quite a bit of extra cash over the years to buy the highest level of character boosts. This new leveling system changes that for people like me. If you want to level a new character, you can level it from the beginning within the time it takes to play the latest single-player experience. It opens another class to long-time players who never wanted to experience a disastrous leveling experience again.

But the real benefit here is for new players.I came to World of Warcraft Slow — at the end Pandaria fog In 2013. But I spent years trying to convince my friends to play with me and level the characters. The only reason my group started playing was because of the now obsolete leveling bonus called Refer-a-Friend. This has greatly improved leveling speed when playing with real friends. Introducing a friend was a long and miserable slogan.

Barriers to entry of 80-120 hours is a daunting wall, and players have had to sacrifice tens of hours to get to the “good”. And while climbing is usually rewarding, many players stop before they get there.But now I can encourage my friends to play World of Warcraft And I know they can get a good experience in the time it takes to complete the latest God of War.. This is the most welcome change I’ve seen in Blizzard in the last few years, Wow With veterans Wow strange.

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