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World’s First “iPhone with USB Type-C Port” Will Sell for About 10 Million Yen – GIGAZINE

The iPhone charges and syncs the device with Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, but some devices like the iPad Pro are switching from the Lightning port to the USB Type-C port. Not just users.mediaorRegulatory authorityApple is also under pressure to change the iPhone’s Lightning port to a USB Type-C port. A person appeared who replaced the Lightning port of such an iPhone with a USB Type-C port, and the world’s first “iPhone with a USB Type-C port” was sold at an Internet auction and sold for about 10 million yen. ..

The world’s first USB-C iPhone | eBay

Robotics student Ken Pillonel created the first “iPhone with a USB Type-C port” by modifying the iPhone. The process of creating an “iPhone with a USB Type-C port” is explained in detail in the following article.

A person who replaced the iPhone with a USB Type-C port posted a video of the procedure – GIGAZINE

Mr. Pillonel’s “iPhone with USB Type-C port” was auctioned on eBay, in an online auction, and eventually sold. The auction was for $ 1 (about 113 yen), but there were 116 bids, and the final bid was for $ 86,001 (about 9.8 million yen).

In addition, Mr. Pillonel has opened the iPhone equipped with a USB Type-C port and posted information on the circuitry required for customization. However, note that Mr. Pillonel’s modified iPhone was “iPhone X”, so the circuit diagram published in open source is simply “the circuit diagram for modifying the iPhone X”.

not-for-iphone-usb-c / ip-x on master kenp-io / not-for-iphone-usb-c GitHub

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