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Worst Twins Tournament Ever, Park Byung Ho Round, Day 1: Pinch Game


It’s still the 5 best in the quarterfinals, but with 8 teams, every win is a game that can’t escape ignorance.

Gambling area (Playback)

(9) Senator 1956 1
(1) Senator 1909 3
’56 Trail 1-0

The fight that saw both starters record 8 under the box score “IP” was determined by the bats off the bench.

Singles ’09 Pinch hitters Wid Conroy and Dock Gessler scored the opening goal in 7th place, with Walter Johnson defeating Chuck Stobs 3-1. ’56 squad.

Stobs threw a full eight innings on 91 pitches, most of them from behind after Bob Anglaub’s first inning home run gave. ’09 1-0 lead. However, Stobs settled down after the long ball, allowing another four hits in the next five innings and finishing seventh with just 55 pitches under the belt.

While Johnson was struggling, he saw the lead disappear after the doubles by Clint Courtney and Karl Olson drew the game fifth, and he played three 6-4-3 doubles. Received important help from the defense of. When Johnson came in 8th, he gave a 2-1 lead and threw 114 pitches. On the final pitch, Eddie Yost flew to the right for an out.

That lead came with the innings before, ’09 The bat finally spliced ​​together the Stobs base hits. Clyde Milan led the single and the out pair retired Stobs from a new frame. However, Conroy was called from the bench to replace Warren Miller, and he responded by expanding the frame with a base knock. The manager demanded a replacement again, and Gessler in the box replaced Bill Yoe with the single in the center, scoring Milan from second place and drawing the match. Jack Relivert continued the parade with a single to the right, but Jim Lemon threw a conroy on the plate to finish the frame.

’09 With the addition of an eighth insurance run, Germany Schaefer doubled Milan and set the ninth tight stage. Southpaw Nick Altrock was relieved to welcome the pair on the left side, but both Herb Pruz and Pete Lanels opened the innings as a single. Alto Rock retired Roy Seabass with a flyball, deep enough for Pluse to come in third, and a dangerous lemon was going to hit the bat as a possible go-a-head run, so the manager was right-handed. I asked Roy Witharp to escape the jam. Wither Wrap came and strummed the lemon and flew Courtney to Gessler to end the game.

Austin Regional

(13) Senator 1958 Ten
(5) 1981 Twins 3
’81 Trail 1-0

The small lead turned into a big lead in the second half of the inning ’58 Turned a close battle into a rout.

Eddie Yost, Neil Chrisley, Nome Zosin ’58 As they broke through ’81 10-3 in their first quarter-final match.

Yost’s solo shot and Chrisley’s 2 run blast helped ’58 After three innings, he took a 4-1 lead, and when Dave Engle doubled with Mickey Hatcher and scored with Danny Goodwin’s single, the lead narrowed to 4-3 for the fourth time.

But ’58 Feast ’81Bullpen, Jack O’Connor, was hit four times in the seventh two outruns. After O’Connor loaded the bass on one and two walks, Yost doubled with two runners and Alby Pearson doubled with the two currently on the bass. Albert Williams replaced O’Connor to escape the seventh, but gave up Sauchin’s two-run home run in the eighth to cap the goal.

Hayden Regional

(14) Senator 1951 3
(6) Senator 1948 Four
’51 Trail 1-0

After almost wasting the dominant pitching performance ’48 I went to their bench at an important moment.

They won.

Mark Cristoman dragged 3-2 in the ninth round and hit a two-out goodbye home run to stun. ’51 4-3 And take a step towards the departure from the bracket.

Al Evans ’48 The second was Solo Homer, but Ray Scarborough allowed both singles and doubles to open the top for the third time, with both runners scoring on the sacrifice fly. ’51 2-1 lead. However, these two hits are the only hits that Scarborough has allowed for more than 6 innings.

’51However, as he walked Pete Lanels before relieving Dick Werteros, seven insurance runs also fell under Scarborough’s name in his grades. Two Weltaros wild pitches moved Runnels to third place, and Mike McCormick’s sacrifice fly took him home.

in the meantime, ’48 Bats have been quiet since Evans’s home run. The team was unable to send another runner to Bob Porterfield. But after 1.2 relief innings from Tom Ferick ’51 When Mickey Harris was sent in to finish the game, the defense was unleashed.

Clyde Kurtz slipped the pitch with the ball he passed as Harris took over the runner at the eighth corner. Harris escaped from 8th place without further trouble and retired the first two men in 9th place, but took a strike from ending the game and Evans maintained the single. ’48 alive. The number nine batter Sammy Meeks was scheduled, so the manager sent Christman on his behalf.

Christman saw Harris’ first three pitches pass by, then carried his bat on a 2-1 fastball and fired 406 feet into the night sky, bringing delight to the home team.

Zack Regional

(15) 2013 Twins 8
(10) 1982 Twins Five
’82 Trail 1-0

’13 Lived and prospered in the first quarterfinal match at Josh Willingham’s bat.

Willingham hit two home runs.The first three home runs ’13 Early lead, 5th second solo dinger, lead ’13 Win 8-5 ’82..

Home starter Albert Williams started the game by walking Brian Dozier and Joe Mauer before Willingham sent his first pitch over the wall. Williams allowed another four runs for the fourth time, and Key handed over the mound to the bullpen after hitting consecutive doubles from Oswaldo Arcia and Ryan Doumit.Willingham’s 5 home runs are capped ’13Score.

in the meantime, ’82 Prior to Glen Perkins’ one hitter’s save, their attack managed only five hits and one run, the ninth Tom Brunansky solo home run.

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