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WoW Classic: Blizzard finally destroys boosting and farms


“Searching for Boost for Strath!” – You will not find this phrase in the chat from now on. Source: Blizzard

If you are actively playing WoW TBC Classic, you will have already seen one or another call in the chat offering a boost or are looking for one. The main concern is that most well-equipped wizards or paladins with low-level characters run into instances like Stratholme or the Scarlet Monastery to provide a lot of experience points there in a short amount of time.

Characters in the level phase pay a lot of gold for these boosts, which often come from sources like the frowned upon RMT (Real Money Trading). This procedure is almost as old as WoW Classic itself and one of the most criticized problems in the entire community. As of yesterday, Blizzard has finally put an end to this method and implemented measures that make dungeon boosting almost impossible or no longer worth it.

Almost, Blizzard.

These measures, which we’ll get to in a moment, couldn’t have come at a better time, and Blizzard knows it too. Because, as you’ve probably noticed, since yesterday, the “Rushing Journeys” perk gives all TBC Classic characters who aren’t already max level a 50 percent experience point bonus. If the push for paladins and mages still worked now, the demand would take on completely different dimensions.

In addition to the boosting effect in real money trading, boosting also hurts other community members who want to level up and level up their characters. Every character that is dragged through Stratholme and Co. by a level 70 hero and increases their level “only”, there is a missing character in a “normal” dungeon pool and thus leads to longer quests and more frustration. But how did Blizzard stop this?

Dungeon buffing in Classic is dead

At this point, one might pose the provocative question as to why Blizzard is only now finding not-too-crazy ways to avoid the massively criticized dungeon crawl in WoW Classic. But how do you say it so beautifully? Better late than never. As such, we don’t want to engage in pointless criticism of the past, but instead explain the specific actions Blizzard has taken to successfully remove the buff from servers and chat boxes.

1. Adjusted creatures in dungeons.

As Community Manager ‘Linxy’ in one blue pole Reportedly, the creatures in the popular Boost and Farm dungeons have been changed significantly and adjusted to be extremely harder to slow and fly. These “anti-boost mechanics” include the new “Knockdown” ability, which is used by opponents in Stratholme and stuns paladins. This ability ignores paladin abilities like Divine Shield, consumables like Free Action Potion, and even works as an area of ​​effect spell, allowing nearby allies to be stunned as well.

It’s also a problem for wizards. Enemies inside the Shadow Labyrinth will teleport to the Wizard if they are slowed or stalled too many times. Enemy units and creatures on Maurodon become immune to all snare and root effects after a period of time, similar to what is already done on Season of Mastery realms.

These dungeons and changes are just examples of modified dungeon mechanics to avoid boost. You will surely discover more details in the game. But even if Blizzard has missed something at this point, Measure 2 will finally cement the nail in the coffin. (The saying goes, doesn’t it?)

2. Fewer experience points

While you currently get 50 percent more experience points from all sources through the “Rushing Journeys” bonus, XP in dungeons will take a lot of work. At least if there are “big differences” between the levels of the players in your party. This is how the community manager ‘Linxy’ expresses it again. Unfortunately, this effect is not more precisely defined.

However, recent live tests have shown that party XP actually drops dramatically if significantly higher level characters are in the same party with lower level heroes. So even if you manage to take out large groups of enemies in dungeons quickly and effectively, the characters barely get experience points for it.

Now, one would think that Blizzard has hit a sore spot in the community and solved a lot of issues. But of course not everyone is happy. How is it possible? Posts, entries, and complaints are collected on relevant forums, which of course come primarily from paladins and mages. Honestly: mostly by paladins. Because protection paladins in particular see themselves as dependent on these AoE farms in order to effectively earn gold. They do little damage to single targets and are often at a disadvantage in other farming methods as well.

But many other classes and specializations, especially healers, also deal with these issues.

What do you think? Did Blizzard intervene too harshly here?


What do you think? Did Blizzard intervene too harshly here?X

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