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WoW Classic: Season of the Championship – Reserve your name now


The championship season is about to begin. You can reserve a name for yourself now. Source: Blizzard

After a long hiatus and bad news after bad news, Blizzard is finally back on the game news! After we informed you in detail yesterday about the recently revealed patch 9.2 for WoW Shadowlands, which among other things brings T-Sets back to the game, today’s topic is for fans of classic content.

While all remains the same in Burnind Crusade Classic for now, vanilla fans will soon be sent on a new journey. Because the championship season is inexorably approaching its start. On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, precisely at midnight our time, the new Classic Realms will be activated, allowing you to relive the origins of WoW in Azeroth in an adapted version. Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom are waiting to be conquered by you.

So that you can start your journey from level 1 to 60 and then to the big raid bosses like Onyxia and company named after your true hero, you can now pre-order it now. So you have the best chance of securing the name of your favorite character and playing the new beginning of the legendary MMORPG with him. The only requirement for name reservation is an active subscription to World of Warcraft, which still grants you access to all WoW variants. Whether it’s Burning Crusade Classic, Retail, or, starting next week, the championship season (Vanilla 3.0, or whatever you want to call it), one subscription is sufficient.

However, you are limited to one character per account, which you can already create and name. Now you can see the list of kingdoms available in Europe:

Bone Reaper


















As with the WoW Classic launch, Blizzard does not initially offer a German-only server. Two years ago that turned out to be a big mistake. It remains to be seen if this comparatively small server list will be enough to generate interest in the championship season. At least you have the option to play on a PvP or PvE server.

If you are already a WoW expert and are concerned that you will have to remove characters for the championship season to free up enough seats, we can calm you down. The 50 character limit per account applies individually to Retail (Shadowlands), Burning Crusade Classic, and Classic (Championship Season).

If you don’t want to make a final decision on your character’s appearance, you can simply save the name and use a random appearance. As soon as you remove the character for launch, your name will be available again immediately.

What’s behind the championship season?

With the WoW Classic Championship season kicking off next Wednesday, you’ll be able to experience the launch of World of Warcraft in its original version once again. After Blizzard relaunched the MMORPG in August 2019, they want to do much better with the third start.

The individual stages that give you “new” content and, above all, offer new challenges, should be unlocked faster than in Classic. Also, faster level promotions should ensure that you no longer pass the level phase so slowly. Also, the raid bosses should be more demanding and the game experience optimized with minor fixes. You can find all the details about the championship season in our preview:

WoW Classic: Season of the Championship: a new beginning with changes

By the way WoW: Where we are already in the middle of Azeroth. World of Warcraft is celebrating its 17th anniversary as of November 15, 2021 and Blizzard seems to have several surprises planned for it. As announced on the official home page, there will be exciting gifts and exclusive surprises when you log in on Monday. We do not yet know if this content is limited to the commercial version.

Maybe Blizzard really knocks you out. Who knows. After all, there will be no BlizzCon 2022, so Blizzard will announce great news for its own games individually, online and direct. We will definitely keep you posted on all the developments.

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