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WoW Dragonflight: Will Inventory Increase For The First Time? – News and leaks


WoW: Dragonflight Screenshots Leaked, New 6 Month Subscription Reward Revealed! Source: Blizzard

Does anyone really get in trouble? Could be! The first screenshots of the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion surfaced on the internet yesterday afternoon! But so far, Blizzard hasn’t let a deadline expire that would allow such a release. Apparently this is a violation of the so-called “NDA” (non-disclosure agreement / confidentiality statement).

All creators and fans are waiting for the official start of the alpha for the next WoW retail add-on, which will be released in 2022. The mood is nervous, because the remaining trial period is obviously getting shorter from week to week, in case that Blizzard wants to make good on the promise to start Dragonflight later this year.

At the moment, most scene pundits and insiders suspect that we’ll be getting big news from Blizzard about the release of Dragonflight Alpha this week. It could be any day. But what about the photos now?

THAT is what the alpha filtration tells us

As already mentioned, two images of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Alpha have been circulating on the internet since yesterday. You can see one of them here:

WoW Dragonflight Leaked Alpha Image

The most striking detail is the one that can be seen in both images and that is already causing a lot of discussion and speculation on the internet. In the lower right corner of the newly designed Dragonflight interface, there are no longer just four bag slots, but five, in addition to the normal backpack. This suggests that for the first time in World of Warcraft history, Blizzard could introduce an increase in the total number of bag slots, giving us several more inventory slots.

However, it is not yet possible to say how the fifth place works or if its use is subject to certain conditions. Although it appears to be “unlocked” normally in both screenshots, there is no bag in the slot for any of the characters shown. The reasons for this could not be more numerous, which is why we refrain from making any further assumptions here. Some speculation that the fifth slot in the bag could be linked to the Dracthyr Callers’ new race class combination was dispelled at the latest after the release of the second image, which shows a night elf hunter.

Some fans are now suspecting that Blizzard might have an ulterior motive and allow us to drag so many more items across the landscape in Dragonflight that we really need the extra space. What do you think? Would you be happy with a fifth place in the bag?

Notable beyond the bag slot is the location where Dracthyr’s featured character ‘Ddincer’ is found in the screenshot. The name of the place “Valdrakken” can be read on the minimap, on the minimap itself we see a flight point, a quest giver, numerous teachers, a stable teacher, innkeepers, merchants, mailboxes and everything else that belongs to a city. So this could very well be the home of the Dracthyr. We haven’t seen the images section this way before, either.

In contrast to the new revised interface that Blizzard wants to start with in Dragonflight. The interface redesign should bring significantly more modern shapes, more free space, and thus more clarity. However, we first saw this as part of the expansion’s reveal in April of this year:

WoW 2.0: New Expansions Revealed – Return to Azeroth!

In the official footage shown there, there’s another overlay with the newly released image: many Dracthyr abilities are already on the bars, but they could list all possible uses without description. However, the symbol on the far left of the top bar is particularly exciting, which could well indicate a Dracthyr form of flight.

More news and revelations

Blizzard has officially shared details about Dragonflight content over the past few days and weeks. For about a month now, we’ve been looking at new talent trees for various classes, with the last one being five days ago. Talents for Hunters and Rogues it’s your turn.

Also, recently there was a detailed preview of the completely revised feature of professions, which should play a much bigger, more central, and better role in WoW than ever before. Only time will tell how well it will work.

Last but not least, just yesterday, Blizzard revealed the new reward for subscribing to World of Warcraft for six months. In the discount season, there is the Great Abyssal Saturated Wurm as a mount, which you can also purchase separately from the store:

The great wyrm can only be used in WoW retail, for fans of WoW Classic there is the tabard of the flame when the half year subscription is complete, which you can also see in the teaser video.

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