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WoW: "Why do you hate us?"

WoW: “Why do you hate us?”

Imagine, an annoying bug is found in WoW, it is reported, and two days later there is nothing more to see. That is what one would want. Instead, players have been fighting bombs and disappearing textures in Halandrus for weeks now, and hunters have been taking out bosses for at least as long without doing anything. But alas, a “bug” gives players some joy, then developers like Usain Bolt rush to their workstations and deploy a hotfix to the live servers so quickly you’d think the future of Azeroth hinges on it’s.

This is exactly what has happened for the second time in a week. First there was the ability to cast area effects directly on an enemy, and then players discovered that a new console command introduced in patch 9.2.5 allows them to increase view range again. Most players saw the AoE fix coming and grudgingly accepted it. After all, he had a huge impact on PvP in WoW. But few were excited about it.