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WoW XP Upgrade: The Wind of Wisdom Returns – Turbo Leveling Announced

The Winds of Wisdom XP buff returns to Azeroth! Source: Blizzard

There’s a lot going on in World of Warcraft right now. This is an extremely exciting time for both retail and Classic WoW players. Testing phases are currently underway for the upcoming Dragonflight business expansion, as well as Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Both supplements are scheduled for release later this year.

So it is not surprising that the number of players is increasing again. Many inactive players are coming back to prepare for upcoming releases. Fittingly, Blizzard has a little gift for the community. As the developer and publisher behind World of Warcraft announced Tuesday night, the well-known “Wind of Wisdom” perk is coming back shortly, giving you a perk that grants you an impressive 50 percent more experience.

Is that how it works

With the weekly server reset in each region, Blizzard will activate the Winds of Wisdom buff for all characters between level 10 and 59, retail first. If you want to prepare for Dragonflight or the upcoming Season 4 in the current Shadowlands expansion by leveling up a character or two, now should be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Winds of Wisdom will be active on all retail servers starting with the server reset on Wednesday and will increase experience points received from all sources by 50 percent. This bonus should also be able to be used in combination with all available family heirlooms. The additional experience points are there until the beginning of the fourth season in WoW Shadowlands.

What about the Classic fans?

Don’t worry, dear Classic fans. Blizzard has not forgotten you. How could they? Although the Wind of Wisdom buff will initially only go live in retail, they are currently considering something for classic servers as well. On Twitter he says you should be vigilant. So that no one goes home empty handed.

As soon as there are more specific details about the Classic Bonus, you will find out here at! Until then: happy leveling up.