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Wyze adds weather resistance to new security cameras and keeps the price at $ 20

Wyze adds weather resistance to new security cameras and keeps the price at $ 20

Wyze, a smart home gadget maker, has announced a new version of its flagship product. Wyze Cam v3, The company is calling it. The redesigned security camera is still in line with Wyze’s aggressive low-cost smart home strategy for only $ 20, and pre-orders will begin on the mid-November shipping date.

Besides the new design, the Wyze Cam v3 has some important differences from its predecessor. The IP65 weather resistance allows the new camera to be used as both indoor and outdoor models. It also features double infrared LEDs to improve night vision and support use inside and outside the home.

The new model comes with a new color night vision option, thanks to a new low aperture sensor that can capture 40% more light. According to Wyze, this option is enabled by default in Wyze Cam v3 unless the user enables classic black-and-white night vision instead.

Photo: Wise

There are some other subtle changes that are worth mentioning. For example, the Wyze Cam v3 captures 5 extra frames per second compared to previous models, 20 frames during the day and 15 frames at night. It also incorporates a 20 degree wide field of view up to 130 degrees and an 80 decibel siren that uses an automatic alarm that can be triggered when the camera detects a person in the field of view.

New in version 3 is simultaneous two-way communication (without pressing the push-to-talk button) for talking through the camera, for example when mounted outdoors next to the front door or used as a baby monitor. ..

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