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Xbox Cloud Gaming eradicates this old weakness


Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming has made its way to become a notable video game streaming provider in recent years. In addition to the purchase of Activision-Blizzard, there is now another development that will please gamers. In the future, gamers will be able to gamble with Xbox Cloud Gaming just like on a PC. In this way, the service should become even more attractive to computer users.

Play like on PC: Xbox Cloud Gaming gets keyboard and mouse support

To expand options for gamers, Xbox Cloud Gaming plans to add keyboard and mouse support. The first confirmations of Jorg Neumann were found in the question and answer section of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service recently added this to the games available on the service, so you can play via Xbox One, smartphone, tablet, or web browser. Unlike the PC version of the same title, this is not yet possible with a keyboard and mouse. This is exactly what needs to be changed from now on. According to Neumann, Microsoft plans to add support for a new platform, which should also include a new input method.

At the request of the edge a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the company is working on such features. However, an exact date when keyboard and mouse integration into Xbox cloud gaming services will take place is not yet known. Keyboard and mouse support would allow gamers to play as they would on a PC. For example, owners of a Windows PC or Mac could play games like infinity halo play without investing in a controller.

This would be a huge win for the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, as many game titles will be available to potential customers at no additional cost. Anyone who previously decided not to use the service, for example because they don’t own a console, might now be interested in it. The change also makes it easier for Microsoft to integrate more games into the cloud gaming service. Previously released exclusively for PC titles like age of empires IV could also be integrated into the transmission.

More players with more opportunities

Once Microsoft adds this extension to its Xbox Cloud Gaming service, the service will be fully usable for PC and laptop owners. Previously, stakeholders had to turn to third-party software if they wanted to control game content on the service with their keyboard or mouse. However, these rarely work perfectly across all game titles. Even if they work with one version of a game, they may no longer work after updates or changes. Of course, there could also be individual bugs and difficulties if Microsoft integrated the mouse and keyboard. However, the probability that individual game titles cannot be controlled at all is significantly lower. After all, Microsoft has every vested interest in making its own Xbox cloud streaming service appealing to more gamers.

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