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Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Xbox One and X / S Series consoles

Having recently announced the functionality, Microsoft announced today that the Xbox console they will be able to play in transmission I games from cloud. With launch starting today and expansion In the coming weeks, Xbox console owners will be able to stream games from Xbox Game Pass from the cloud, no need to to download.

The functionality Also, it uses the same backend that Windows and Android devices use for streaming titles. Game pass, which is based on the Xbox Series X hardware. Microsoft proposes the added functionality as a way to let to the players put the hands its new games more quickly by omitting the need to download the title, with the added benefit of save space inherently limited console storage.

Xbox X / S series: you can now use the new feature

Additionally, next-gen Xbox One consoles also have the advantage of being able to play newer games that would otherwise only work on console Latest X / S series. Today, you can play Game Pass games from the cloud on your Xbox console. The development team says they are delighted that Xbox Cloud games (Beta) is now available on Xbox One and Xbox consoles X series | S with a subscription Game Pass Ultimate.

The service will be available on 25 regions. This functionality will be initially rolled out with the November release for a subset of Xbox gamers and will be rolled out to all players in the supported markets on the next weeks.

For Xbox One users, cloud gaming also allows you to to play ad some games next generation on the Xbox One console you already own. This means that some games are currently only playable on Xbox Series X | S, like Recompile, The Medium, and The Riftbreaker, can now be played on Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and cloud games.

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