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Xbox cloud gaming: Microsoft reports 10 million game streaming users

Xbox cloud gaming: Microsoft reports 10 million game streaming users

It’s been a while since Microsoft made a water level report on the popularity of its Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service as part of the Build 2022 developer conference. What’s surprising is that xCloud can’t seem to keep up with Nvidia GeForce. Now.

Speaking at yesterday’s opening of the Build 2022 developer conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently being used by more than 10 million Xbox users. The manager did not give details such as information about the period of use, probably also because he only named Xbox Cloud Gaming as an example of the successful use of Microsoft’s cloud platform in his own company.

Nvidia is further ahead

Compared to Nvidia GeForce Now, Microsoft’s offering apparently still lags behind, as the graphics specialist announced in September last year that it had around 12 million users in 70 different countries. Nadella, for his part, spoke of a total of 26 countries in which Xbox Cloud Gaming was available.

Microsoft officially launched Xbox Cloud Gaming in late 2020 after a long testing phase. To date, the service is only available as part of the paid Game Pass in the more expensive “Ultimate” version, so the hurdles to using it are comparatively high.

Several hundred games are currently available through the game streaming service once developed by Microsoft’s Xbox team, codenamed “Project xCloud.” The Redmond-based company upgraded the cloud-side hardware to Xbox Series X last year, so games are now offered in even higher quality, as long as the user’s internet connection allows it.

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One explanation for the “lag” of Xbox Cloud Gaming compared to Nvidia GeForce Now is the limitations on the number of countries in which the service is available. Meanwhile, Google has not yet given any information on the number of users of its competitor product Stadia, even if the service has also been available in a large number of countries for some time.

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