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Xbox Cloud Gaming now also in the desktop application

Xbox Cloud Gaming now also in the desktop application

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now also available on PC with the latest Xbox desktop app update.

the essentials in brief

  • With Xbox Cloud Gaming, demanding games can also be played on weaker PCs.
  • Until now, the service was only available on consoles and on PC as a beta version in the web browser.
  • Now, the service is also available on the Xbox desktop app.

Xbox Cloud Gaming – This is the name of Microsoft’s cloud gaming service that is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In the development phase, the feature was still known as “Project xCloud”.

For a long time, the service was reserved for Xbox One and S / X Series. For some time now, cloud gaming has also been possible on PC. However, this is only possible as part of the beta program via a specific link in the web browser. The service will now be deployed to the normal desktop application with immediate effect.

Media: Whoever installs the latest version of the application can now access the function. The required Xbox app version number: 2109.1001.8.0.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is not only interesting for faulty PCs

The game does not run locally, but rather on Microsoft servers. That is why the user’s PC does not need a lot of computing power. All you need is a fast enough internet connection with low latency. Microsoft recommends a minimum of 20 Mbit / s and a connection to a 5 GHz WiFi network (or ideally an Ethernet connection).

The service is also attractive to people who want to save local storage space or just want to save time. Games can be played directly, with no setup times.

By the way, cloud gaming only works if there is a controller connected. According to Microsoft, this can be of any brand; however, depending on the manufacturer, functionality is not always guaranteed.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the implementation of keyboard and mouse support will continue. This announcement was made in April 2021. It is unclear when the time will come.

Exceptional Smartphone: There are a variety of games that can be played directly through the touch screen input.

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