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Xbox Game Pass, here are the first games of January 2022!

New Years, New Games: That’s what they say, right? Microsoft has recently presented i New games coming to Xbox Game Pass, its subscription service that allows us to play tons of games on our Xbox, PC or mobile devices.
Let’s see, then, what awaits us at the beginning of 2022!

  • has been available since yesterday Gorogoa, a pleasant and innovative puzzle game, that we can play on PC, console and in cloud games
  • always since yesterday, we can play on PC, Xbox console and also through the cloud Olija, the 2D action adventure game developed by Skeleton Crew Studio
  • Finally, to wrap up yesterday, it is available on PC, Xbox, and through the cloud. The pedestrian, the side scrolling puzzle platformer with 2.5D graphics developed by Skookum Arts
  • Tomorrow, January 6, comes to PC, Xbox and via the cloud Embr, good multiplayer game to play with our family or friends
  • always on the 6th, then another headline arrives, in fact, a compilation: Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the definitive and remastered edition of the trilogy of the same name developed by BioWare
  • finally, to close the circle of January 6, it will also come Savage exteriors on PC, console and cloud
  • On January 13, however, it is the turn of Spelunky 2, the sequel to the roguelike platform game of the same name, which we can play on PC and Xbox consoles
  • Also on January 13, the new multiplayer shooter arrives in preview and day one on Xbox and PC. Anacruse!

What do you think of the games included in these first days of January in Xbox Game Pass?